When I became a mom, I compromised my sense of fashion for my family and career. I slowly started to wear jewelry, fashion watches and fashion accessories again and I quickly learned that I could be a mom and be hip, fashionable and trendy. I love helping women use fashion accessories to upgrade their wardrobes at affordable prices. How do you stay fashionable, hip and trendy?

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I totally need a fashion make over. I wouldn't call myself fashionable or trendy AT ALL. I do have a Coach purse that is like my prize possession. Thats about as fashionable as I get haha!
I like to think that I am pretty fashionable! I try to keep up with what is new with the twenty-something set, and then try to apply it to my thirty-something life!

Oh and I get god tips on TLC's What Not To Wear! Love that show! :-D
I'm a plus size woman so it's often impossible to find fashionable clothing. I go with the basics and then go crazy with accessories. Ahhh accessories. A fat lady's best friend. This is why I am mad for purses. They always fit.
I'm like night & now in comfy jammies, and it's after lunch. But if I go out, I like to dress my best, still comfy though.
Most days I don't iron. Fashionable and mommy just don't go together for me - probably because I work from home and no one has to see me. If I do have a meeting I get it together.
Well, I TRY to be a fashionable mom. When I drop my son off at school I see so many moms that have let themselves go. I want my son to be proud of the way I look so this year I've made it a point to wear makeup and have my hair fixed (not just a ponytail all the time!) and wear cute clothes when I take him to school.
I am there with you! It is hard to find trendy stuff in plus sizes! Damn designers make everything for the skinny ladies! :(

Mutha Mae said:
I'm a plus size woman so it's often impossible to find fashionable clothing. I go with the basics and then go crazy with accessories. Ahhh accessories. A fat lady's best friend. This is why I am mad for purses. They always fit.
I try to be fashionable. At the office I am usually in skirts and heels (and I like really high heels!),when I work in a classroom with a teacher I dress down a bit. I rarely leave the house without makeup on, and my hair is so unmanageable that I HAVE to fix it every day!
I used to be a fashion guru before kids but now I don't really care as much. When I go out I try to dress nicely and fashionably, though I don't try to keep up with what the kids nowadays are wearing (thank goodness!) I think I'm pretty put together most of the time but I'm not sure that would classify as fashionable. :) lol did I even answer the question?
I try to stay up on what is going in fashion. Magazines and TV shows. I'm in my early 40's, so I just tailor these same principles to work for me :) (more comfortable shoes now, of course)!
Hmmm, so you're saying sweatpants and t-shirts aren't all the rage? I'm so screwed lol.
Seriously.........I'd be considered hip, fashionable and trendy if the stylers were sthe same as they were about 10 years ago. Lucky for me i live in Texas and Boots and Jeans are never really out of style here, but really........I just don't have time to see what the trends are much less to stay up with them. Now My daughter is exact opposite, she's super girly-girly and reads the magazines as if they were the bible. I don't know where that child came from i swear.
hmm... no. My body changes so much that it has taken a long time to adjust just to that. And then I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" and I was like... oh wow! I used to love clothes - I miss that. And then I saw "Sex and the City" and decided to get my butt in gear. So... I'm on a diet and I've started perusing consignment shops; my style was always artsy funky eclectic and LOW budget. I only spend money on shoes because I have tiny feet with high arches.
I was a meet and great last night and someone said; "you look like and artist" and I thought "yes, I" coming back!"


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