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I posted this topic on my blog, but I think I'll get more tips/help here.

How in the world do all of you make time for blogging? I'm finding myself sinking in a swirling mass of forums, stats, discovering new blogs, readers, card droppers, feed burner, tweets, and my own blog posts.

How's a girl supposed to keep up???

Currently, I am FOUR DAYS BEHIND in returning comments. FOUR DAYS! And, there are forums that I haven't checked in days or weeks, as the case may be. I feel like there's something I missing, something I don't know, or something I am just not doing correctly. I feel as though I'm in slow motion while everyone else is speed racing around me.

Surely there is an easier way to be involved in the blog world. Should I keep a schedule? Should I write all of my posts for the week at once and then spend the rest of the week returning comments and participating in forums? Should I do what I'm doing now -- stay up past midnight just to attempt getting caught up on Entrecard??

I've seen so many successful, popular bloggers (some of whom are very, very new to this) and they don't seem to have a single problem posting each day, returning comments, attracting new readers, and having fun. What is it you gals are doing? I need tips!!!

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I dedicate my mornings to my blog work. I'll check my stats, post on any blog trains, check my networking boards and comment. This takes me probably about 45 minutes to an hour. And then throughout the day, I'll check stats and comment.

I write mostly at night, but if the kids have a playdate, then I use that time as well.

I'm trying to write posts ahead of time so that I can just schedule them as need be, but that's where I have problems finding time. It takes me so long to write one post! Writing multiple posts ahead of time is really hard for me!

The Creative Junkie
Much to my hubby's chagrin, I jump on the computer the second after baby is in bed....I do spend almost every night online. It is very time consuming but the coffee helps!
I have over 140 blogs in my reader, i try and comment to a good handfull a day (not always the same ones) and I email some of my comments if their email is enabled.

I may post about it soon too. I love all my readers and the blogs I read, but you can't do it all every day. I know people understand that.

Oh and I have NO LIFE, so i spend way too much time on the computer! ;)
I feel your pain. I have told myself that I can only get involved in a few forums and boards for now because I'm afraid they will take over my life. I am fairly new to the blog world, so I'm trying to pace myself :)
It took me a while to get into the groove. I used the time when my blog wasn't very popular to perfect my routine:)

Now I devote my early mornings and late at nights to blogging. I read new posts and comment in the morning, and write my posts at night. It works for me, and if I get any extra time, it's bonus reading and commenting.

I will admit, I always wanted to return comments and visit the blogs of each of my commenters...and it is now really getting difficult. So, I am accepting there are not enough hours in the day.
I have a lap top so that helps a lot. I try to do it first thing in the morning, during my kiddos nap and again late in the evening. I do admit I check in often through out the day. It is getting harder and harder and I just told myself that I need to narrow it down to the stuff that I really enjoy otherwise it will take away from the fun. One thing that helps is keeping a note book of my ideas for blog posts, it helps for the days of writers block.
My computer is running all day - in the kitchen when I get a second, I sit down, write/read, and pop back up and into my Mommy role.

I find I some times lose track of what I was last doing, or want to do next, but it seems to be the only way with my kids being so little.

I have a 4 year-ols, 2 year-old, and 10 month-old.

When they are asleep I find is when I do the things that require a lot more concentration, because it's the only time when there is peace and quiet.

It takes a while to get the hang of things, and some times is just nice to feel like you get caught up by putting a lot of effort in on a certain day, but there's always more to be done. ;)
I don't think that I have a real "schedule" though I've thought about it. I have kids almost the exact ages of Mama Ofromance well close a 4 year old , a 17 month old and a 1 month old. So I have to catch time when I can. I devote mornings to my online work, which includes blogging, and a little time in the afternoon. Prior to having baby #3 I also spent most of my nights on the computer but I made a new rule after the baby was born to spend more time with the family so I no longer do that unless hubby is gone to the gym then I'll get online while he's gone only. I probably don't comment enough or return comments enough and I'm not that big into entrecard. Plus this is the only group I come to on a weekly basis.
I'm still trying to work out a schedule and I've been doing this for a year now! My biggest problem is finding the time to attract new readers. I already have so many listed in my favorites now that I can only visit 5-10 a day. Returning comments is my top priority though. I make time for that.
It's tough. I write at night when my girls are in bed. Sometimes I'll write a post for the next day so I can just post it in the am. I keep a little notebook and jot down forums, comments to return, stuff like that (yes, I'm a dork) so I don't forget. I also run a website & forum, so I feel so overwhelmed sometimes. I find it's easier to dedicate one or two hours a week to each one.
I spend too much time on the computer, almost every minute that I am not doing something else. I need a better system myself, because my blog is growing and I know I am going to get really behind very quickly. Sorry I can't shed much light on the subject for you, but at least you know you are not alone!
I'm struggling with this too, but I think it's helpful to decide what you want to or need to focus on and prioritize. I'm also considering a blogging schedule specifically so I have at least a few nights off rather than spending too much time online. (Family life, you know). I trying to stay offline except when the kids are asleep, but here I am breaking that.....

So I personally think it's about figuring out what's most important and then planning out your work so you don't get distracted too much, although getting distracted and exploring is part of the fun, it can be a huge time drain!

A few examples of how I'm setting limitations -- I've made a conscious choice to skip Twitter, and I'm focusing only to a few communities at this point. After experimenting, I may find that some communities are higher priority than others or just working better for me, and so may focus that further. I'm trying to find the spots and places where I fit in the best and feel the most comfortable.


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