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I posted this topic on my blog, but I think I'll get more tips/help here.

How in the world do all of you make time for blogging? I'm finding myself sinking in a swirling mass of forums, stats, discovering new blogs, readers, card droppers, feed burner, tweets, and my own blog posts.

How's a girl supposed to keep up???

Currently, I am FOUR DAYS BEHIND in returning comments. FOUR DAYS! And, there are forums that I haven't checked in days or weeks, as the case may be. I feel like there's something I missing, something I don't know, or something I am just not doing correctly. I feel as though I'm in slow motion while everyone else is speed racing around me.

Surely there is an easier way to be involved in the blog world. Should I keep a schedule? Should I write all of my posts for the week at once and then spend the rest of the week returning comments and participating in forums? Should I do what I'm doing now -- stay up past midnight just to attempt getting caught up on Entrecard??

I've seen so many successful, popular bloggers (some of whom are very, very new to this) and they don't seem to have a single problem posting each day, returning comments, attracting new readers, and having fun. What is it you gals are doing? I need tips!!!

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Such a great questions! I am anxious to read what the experts here have to say!
Currently I can keep up because I'm a SAHM mom and blog at night while the babes is asleep.

When I go back to school and work next month.... well it may be a bit harder to keep up with!
I blog while working and basically i'm just not good at sitting idly. I always have SOMEthing to say lol. My personal blog, i talk about life in general and how crazy it can be sometimes, plus i do paid posts there. With 4 kids i never run out of material. On the other blog I post contests and reviews and such. that way i don't completely overrun my personal blog. I'll also be starting a new blog very soon but it will be updated probably every other day since i plan for it to be VERY niche specific. None of the antics I incorporate on my other blog will go on the new one. It'll be very serious, but hopefully very helpful and interesting too. We'll see how it goes.

The best tip i can think of is " don't be afraid to be you. let your readers in on who you are, what's in your head, but also keep in mind that you likely have a very diverse group of readers. Post things people in general can relate to" I see alot of bloggers who want to project this certain image and i get bored with them easily. There's one blogger who i think really goes out of her way to let people know she is very well off financially and while i think that's great for her, it's off putting to have it in every single post. I finally just quit reading there because I started wanting to comment her by saying " Okay we get it, you're rich, filthy rich, can you please move on and post something without referring to it?" But that'd be rude so i didn't.
Ok, I work outside of the home.

Really.. I get paid to surf blogs, enter giveaways and Twitter. (I'm addicted to Twitter... horribly addicted)

Then when I get home, I make dinner, check my e-mail and catch up on Twitter. Then I spend time with my kids, get the babies in the bath, get them in bed by 8pm. play a game with my older kids, and then head off to Blog stuff until around midnight.

I sleep about 5 hours a night since finding blogging, less if something comes up.
However, I am single, so I don't have a relationship to keep up.... I have found I prefer blogging to dating :)
I know... sad!


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