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I was looking at my page ranking and it's a great wopping 0... Yup that's a zero.. lol.. Was reading about linking and linking back, and just sooooo much info out there, some companies and directories wanted money... Was wondering what some of the season veterans have done, or what some of us bloggers are doing? or even if it doesn't matter to you..

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I know it is really disappointing when we see such results, As fro money aspect of it, yeah its business. But if you are ready to work hard, you can do it yourself! Why don't your try?

I trued the same thing with my website on PARENTING AND BABY GENDER PREDICTORS.

It does take time but you do get results. 

Lemme tell you, once you see a difference in a graph- you will experience the first gush of happiness for your website. Enjoy it!

Hi Lisa,

Here is one of the tips that I can share with so you can have more website traffic to your website. Try to publish a relevant content. In order to create quality, know the exact keywords that your reader might search online with phrases like "electrical engineering in Detroit," or "Chicago Tech degrees". There are free tools online: 

Also if you want to deeply understand how it works, watch their tutorials on Youtube on how to use it so and familiarize its functions.

I hope that helps. :)


Alberta Ellington

Hi, Lisa,

This post is 10 years old, so I doubt that you're still seeking an answer to this question, but I'll answer anyway.

I recently took several classes through LinkedIn Learning on SEO and writing for the web.  Those classes touched upon everything a person needs to know to improve their ranking with search engines.  It also takes time, patience and practice as well as good writing. 

The classes also cautioned that you should never pay a company to increase your SEO.  Those are generally scams that will show little, if any, results and can even get you penalized by the search engines.


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