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Okay so I am going to get my blog organized. I like the idea of doing Fab Finds on Friday and highlighting different unique crafters and boutiques. I also see that lots of people do Wordless Wednesdays. What are some other ideas for setting up your blog and coming up with posts?

Help me make a list ladies!!

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I haven't done it consistently, but I occasionally do a "Random Dose of Geekiness". Basically, I list (with some commentary) various geeky websites that I've found through other fellow geeks. I read a lot of blogs by geek guys/dads who do this, so I figured, why not a geek mom, too? This past week was almost a full week's worth of geekiness because I went to Gen Con Indy (a gaming convention) with my hubby. The response was great! I even turned on a fellow mommy to "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", which was an added bonus.
Blogging Carnivals are great ways to meet other bloggers and create traffic. Works for Me Wednesday, A Thousand Word Thursday - all places you link your post up with similar posts.

I like to link up to my favorite blog posts for the week.

I also like to ask questions to get discussion going in my comments.

Find some meme's to copy and pass along. Those are basically like those emails you get where you share some information about yourself so others can get to know you. Then you invite others to play. Like Tag, you're it!
I started a new food meme on my blog that happens on Monday. http://mywoodenspoon.com/foodielicious-finds/

Other than that, what I read or experience inspires me;)
I love that "Day in the Life" idea. You could even compile all of those photos into a slideshow to save space in your post. I may have to try this!!

Laura said:
Something fun that people used to do once in awhile around the Blogosphere was the whole "day in the life" thing. Take your camera with you all day and take pictures as you go, and then post them the next day. I was just thinking yesterday that it'd be fun to do this again. Here's a post of mine from about a year ago when I did that.
I try to dedicate each day to a particular subject, like art/crafts day, food day, info day, etc. It's a great way to mix up your subjects on your blog. My Saturdays are "I Can't Live Without This" for example. Good luck bloggin'!
I agree with Mom Spark, this is a cool idea! Gonna give it a try!
You guys are awesome, thanks so much!
I do Wordless Wednesday- Gives me a chance to catch up on the rest of my work:)
I do Try This Tuesday most Tuesdays- this is from 5 minutes for Special Needs- I usally reserve Tuesday to writing about Sensory Processing Disorder.
Mon and Thursday are my personal writing day.
Friday I started View Friday. I do InterVIEWS, reVIEWS, and GiVIEWays:)
With so many requests this keeps my blog from getting overrun by reviews. I try to only run reviews with giveaways. all the rest of review requests go to my review blog!
Tackle it Tuesday is sponsored by a GREAT site I found called 5minutesformom.com. Every Tuesday you can log into their site and submit your URL blog so that other moms can read about your latest "tackle." You can tackle anything from laundry to changing diapers. If you want an example, check out my blog or go to their site. I hope you come join us on Tuesdays!

Michelle said:
what is tackle it tuesday?

Elizabeth said:
I just started my 'Freakout Fridays' column in which i find something fun, interesting, or newsworthy to 'freak out' about each week. I like the idea of picking a day of the week to focus on a particular topic. I also participate in Wordless Wednesday & Tackle it Tuesday over on 5minutesformom.com.
Thanks Ladies, I have blogs for my Gourmet candles and Two Sisters Gourmet foods but havent started a personal one yet. Will try and work on that today since you gave me great ideas.

Thanks again,


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