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Hey ladies, I was wondering about how much traffic you all get and how long it took for you to get good, consistent traffic. Could you please post here how many hits you get (on average) a day, how long you have had your blog up and running and what kind of marketing and SEO you do.

I have had my blog up for about a month and I am getting about 200 visitors a day, between 2-300 hits a day. I think that's pretty good for a start, but I would like to compare to others and see how I am doing and what else I can do to get more traffic!

I currently have joined Twitter, entrecard, adoptic, blogcatalog, zimbio, blogher, work it mom, type a mom and have listed in tons of directories. I haven't done any SEO and that is one thing I am interested in learning about.

Can't wait to hear what you ladies have to say! Thanks!

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I have had this particular blog since last March (07). I get 200-300 unique visitors per day. I'm not sure how many hits. I Twitter, entrecard, adoptic, blogcataglog, lots of blog directories, and I comment on other blogs and network here and a few other places. I don't do anything else much, no paid ads or anything.
I think you are doing great. I am getting 20 a day but I haven't done much marketing for the blog.
Anyone else have anything to share? I am really curious how I am doing so far and I want to know if I am doing the right things to get traffic to my blog.
Because there are so many blogs out there now, you have to WORK IT to get the readers. Your stats are actually quite good, to be honest, especially since you have a new blog. I'm impressed! Stats are going down now that there is so much competition to get readers and keep em coming back. You're competing with blogs, forums, social networks, and every other online site from video sites to news, etc. That's a lot of competition beyond just all the mom blogs that exist now.

The people I find who are the most successful online are those who can social network day and night. I see some moms who are on Twitter from the moment they wake up to when the go to bed at night. Maybe they have household help. Maybe they have kids who entertain themselves. Or maybe they do it from work.

I can't do that, and as a result, my stats suffer. I just don't have the time to provide good content AND do all the marketing that is needed to have a top blog. And it's not just me being cynical. There's so many articles right now that stress that writing good content isn't enough. It's mostly marketing these days. It's all about who you know. Align yourself with a top blogger, that can't hurt!

I have three little kids who need mommy, so having a number one blog isn't going to happen for me and that's ok. I DO have a blog I am proud of. Good content, video, vlogging. That's enough for me.

But that's just my take on things. And again, your stats are awesome, considering you're new to this. Keep it up! At that rate, they'll soon triple!
Thanks Mutha Mae! I am also trying to network without taking away from my kids. I don't need to have a TOP blog, I just want a decent amount of traffic and possibly get my name out there.

Thanks again for the input!


Alyssa said:
I have had this particular blog since last March (07). I get 200-300 unique visitors per day. I'm not sure how many hits. I Twitter, entrecard, adoptic, blogcataglog, lots of blog directories, and I comment on other blogs and network here and a few other places. I don't do anything else much, no paid ads or anything.
Hi Petra! My blog has been up since early July and I am averaging about 250 hits a day. I'm ok with that result, I figure it's not too bad :-) My blog is actually affiliated with my website, ParentingPink, so I get some pretty cool stats through my yahoo site account to help keep track. Many of my readers are referred from here, linkshare, and through other blogs.

I'm still getting the hang of all of this marketing stuff. I just started using Twitter,Entrecard, Blogcatalog, and directories but between marketing my site, forum and blog - i'm pressed for time. I do what I can and then keep my fingers crossed.

My site is SEO optimized - did it myself (I didn't hire a company, but I would love to someday) and parts of my blog are, but I'm still learning the ropes on the whole SEO thing. It can be pretty darn confusing. I have found that when I SEO my website pages, it does attract some of the more obscure search engine crawlers, but to be honest, the biggies like Yahoo, Google, and MSN don't use "crawlers" so you don't have to have things optimized as much. Whew! I have no idea what I just said, but I hope it made sense!
And that's a good attitude to have. The kids should always come first. Sadly, I know some moms who put blogging before motherhood.

THis shows you how out of it I've become. I have no idea what SEO even means!!
I started blogging about a month ago, but only started 'marketing' a couple weeks ago. I'm getting between 30-60 hits a day. I use the term marketing loosely because I haven't done a whole lot. I'm on BlogHer, What to Expect, MBC, Stumble and listed in several directories, but I'm not terribly active anywhere.
Are those unique visits? If so, I'd say that's pretty good! I get about the same amount, although some days it's really low, but then picks back up the next day.
Wow you are doing well...I think i have about 2-300 hits a day now, and that took 6 months! ;)
I've been blogging since May 2008 and I'm lucky if I get 2 or 3 hits!!! Yikes. I must be doing something wrong. LOL

It's all good, I still enjoy it.
You've had a your blog up for a month and you already have 200 visitors a day?! I'm speechless. And in awe. I'd say that's more than "pretty good for a start." I stay at home with my 4 year old so my computer time is extremely limited. My stats are not that good!


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