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I've got one commenter who makes a little unique comment and then posts a spiel about a book series that she's promoting. One comment like that wouldn't bother me, but now it's like serial comments -- I've gotten like 4 with the same "commercial".

I turned on comment moderation ( Blogger). I deleted one of her comments (before moderation) and then I rejected one. Is that the right way to handle? Now I see my other blog that I rarely work on is also getting a commercialized comment.....

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What's depressing is that one of my few returning visitors is this spammer!
Yes- I just delete them- don't feel bad about it :)

i delete them too, i dnt care b/c they spammed me. most of the time its just silly anyway. :)
I think deleting and rejecting spam is absolutely the correct way to handle the situation.

I've even started to delete comments left on my profile pages at the various social network groups I belong when the person barely utters a "hello, nice to meet you" before blasting away with whatever it is they are selling in full-blown graphics and hyperlinks. I have things to sell too, but I sleep on nails before throwing it up in peoples' faces.

Before we know it, they'll pass anti-spam laws for blogs too! *lol*
I install 2 different spam filters - typepad spam plugin and SK2 karma plugin. They helped lots in filtering out spam. I do get unwanted pingbacks also from non family oriented sites which I just delete or put on the blocked lists.
I think what bothers me are the ones that come from other bloggers, which is what I think you are talking about, rather than the clear spam. I know the way to build up your readership is to read and comment on other blogs. But I got one that was basically a short comment on my blog followed by "I wrote about this experience, too, on my blog. Come read it." I was really frustrated by it. I posted it, because it wasn't from one of the spam cannons that I think most people are talking about. I don't think I will post any future ones that are so blatant.

If you are going to write a comment, fine. If you want to have your blog in your signature, fine. But don't come to my blog and post an ad like that. I think it is rude.
I delete them, no questions asked! People don't want to read that stuff.

I used to moderate a blog site for a newspaper, and I followed the same policy there. I could always tell when a spam attack was under way, too. Someone who'd been a member for less than an hour (registration was required) would dredge up a post from months ago in hopes of being on-topic. It actually helped me, because I learned to check recent posts on old blogs first.

You do have to admire the creativity at times. Some folks would actually attempt to post on-topic replies before throwing in their little commercial link. My favorite was one who posted a lengthy on-topic rant before throwing in their link. It was on my blog. I took particular pleasure in deleting that one.
I've found that WordPress has caught every comment that I would consider spam. I don't have a blanket policy, but deal with them on a case-by-case basis:

-If it's a trackback from a site that has no relation to my post or what my site's about (like the "insurance" website that appeared to be just random blog captures that tracked back to the post about my niece's birthday quilt), I delete it.

-If it's "traffic to my site" post, which are ones where someone posts a comment like "Hey! Great site!" and that's it, but makes sure to add the link to their site, I edit the comment. I'll allow it but strip the link.

-If it could be a "traffic to my site" post, but they've taken the time to write a good comment, I've got no problem having it on my site. That would go for someone who commented that they'd written about the same thing and included a link to the blog post (because if it was a while ago when the wrote it, it would be a pain for someone to try to find the post)--if that post really was on topic and added to the discussion. I like having those other viewpoints through the comments.

My way of viewing comments is that it's my blog, and there's no right listed in the Constitution for others to post whatever comments they want.
I usually delete/spam them. I don't mind commenters who leave their link at the end of a comment, but when the "link ad" part is bigger then the comment itself, that's garbage.
I use hosted Wordpress and I have the akismet plugin installed which is absolutely amazing. It captures all spam comments. Gotta love Wordpress and Wordpress plugin developers; they know how to do it right.
I would delete any comment not pertaining to you, your post, or your blog!


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