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Just curious if you have made any green from Adsense. If so, how much and how did they pay you?

Curious and Greedy for Google to Pay!

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I think I made about .60 before I decided not to have them up anymore.
To make money on adsense it is all about traffic to your site. Plain and simple. Right now I have between 300-400 unique visitors per day and I make around an average of $1 a day.

What it boils down to is the more visitors, the more people are likely to click on adsense ads.

edited to add-
Here’s another thing ( I just took a look at your site). My site is all about free stuff and saving money- so that's what my adsense ads are about. In other words, people click on them because they are interested in the topic.

Your site, from my quick look, seems to be a more of a "grab bag" of topics- which is totally fine for the blog- just maybe not so must for your adsense ads. Because of this the ads are not very targeted.

Because of the less than targeted ads you may have a hard time getting your readers to click on them and it could take a long time to reach that first $100.

Not made enough yet to receive a check.
Yes, I am actually quite successful in making money with Google Adwords. Obviously your site has to generate quite a bit of traffic on a constant basis. Some ads pay only for conversions (whatever it is that the company considers a conversion) and some pay cost per thousand impressions. Ranking your site within the organic search is the key to gaining traffic.

A better money maker might be for you to do affiliate marketing through Commission Junction, Neverblue Ads, etc.
12 cents....Dooce-dom here I come! ;) LOL.
LOL!! I added Google Ads last week and have made a whopping .89 cents. I might just take them down because I don't think it's for me.
My wedding blog makes a fair amount ($400+/month) but here are a few things that work in my favor:

1. It's a wedding blog - brides are my target market. Brides, unlike most other markets - WANT to spend money. Brides are online for the sole purpose of finding their perfect wedding "stuff" so you just have to provide the right "stuff".
2. Higher traffic (1000-2000 per day, depending on the day of the week)
3. Good placement (using it in some of the highest click thru areas of the site)
Google Adsense takes time, but you have to work at it. I have seen my AdSense revenue grow more this year than the first. I've had it on my blog for just over 2 years now. The key is promote your blog everywhere you can, join groups, comment on other blogs in your niche, use traffic building sitesl like Stumble Upon and Digg, etc. (Thanks Crystal Unrau for teaching me all of this!)

Keep at it, the money will come.
I have made about 10 bucks in a month and a half, I am going to see how my traffic does over the next few months and if I am still pulling in minor duckets, I think I will drop it. But if you think your site is going to eventually have a lot of traffic, it can be a good source of $$.

Hang in there! I am finding that all of this takes TIME!
I make the same as Frugal Freebie does. I consider it extra money and more fun to earn than cutting out coupons. The hubby and I use it to go out to dinner when the check finally arrives.
The highest I've made was .20 cents :(


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