While I am all about reviews, having done them myself, my google reader is full of reviews/ads/and giveaway blogs. I'd love to connect with some blogs that aren't all reviews. I don't mind a few here and there, but to read a blog that is more about parenting/marriage/spiritual stuff and add it to my Fave folder would be wonderful.

Anyone? Do you have a blog that is only 25% or less reviews and the rest of it is about life? Please share your link with me!


PS:  Mine is Hidden Valley Simplicity with some book reviews between the "helpful", daily life posts.

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i started my blog to document my first year at home as a stay at home mom. i got laid off after by baby. catch the love story here. :)

No reviews here. I'm still kind of new to this whole scene so only have about 20 posts or so ... but no reviews! Promise.

It's just a sarcastic, honest take on my experiences as a new wife and as a mother to my insane (almost) 4 year old. You may laugh. You may be offended (it happens from time to time). In any case, there aren't any reviews. lol. ;)
I don't do a whole lot of reviews, and the few I do are housed on a separate blogs with text links if you want to read them.

The blog I focus a lot on is my bento blog (lunches, cooking with my kids, some recipes, bit of chatter here & there, etc). It's at http://bentolunch.blogspot.com or http://bentolunch.net, they both lead to the same place.

My everything besides lunches blog is at http://nouveausoccermom.blogspot.com. It's a bit of everything else in my life--the kids, the amusing things they say, books we've read, recipes that don't fit on the bento blog, photos, thoughts on homeschooling them, family stuff, etc.

Would love to have you come visit!

Mine is (mostly) about my quilting adventures in India... But it also has some snippets about my life here and the customs in general... Please check it out... I'm totally new to PR thing... But it is something I would like to do...
Hi Melissa,

My blog Ascending Butterfly, posts an affirmational daily message, that daily message is the point of what we do, it's our foundation. If I post too many reviews or giveaways my readers will remind me that they want their inspiration back! We have more email subscribers than google followers, which means our readers look for our daily message in their inbox. On Sundays, instead of the inspiration/affirmation daily message we post this week's moment of gratitude.

This year we began accepting some more reviews & giveaways, but our inspiration is the core of what we do daily, we don't consider ourselves to be a 'giveaway blog' and while I am a woman, I'm not a mom so my blog is NOT a mommy blog either. I'm a single gal in the big city who was tired of reading trite quotes about being happy, I wanted something that went beyond a quote and HOW that quote applied to my life, I couldn't find it, so I created it! That is how Ascending Butterfly was born!

It's not an online diary, but does share my perspective, it's not a mommy blog, and it's not solely a giveaway blog, we are a bit different, but that's what I love about it!

Let me know what you think! You can DM me here and I also have an online contact form here:http://www.contactify.com/2ee21

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly
Happy to share mine - I don't do any reviews at all. My blog is:


I'm an Ivy-league grad who got pregnant at 23 and am now raising my son. This blog chronicles my life, as well as other relevant parenting topics.
Mine's about stuff I do with my daughter. Fun ways I make food, how I mess up food, activities I mess up, etc. I review some stuff, but only on my own initiative (like when telling about how we used her Cool-Bake Oven.) The purpose isn't to sell or not sell you on an item. Just about what we liked or didn't like, and how I messed it all up. ;) I *try* and include daily life, but don't have time for all the posts I''d like! So most of them are 'events' like how my kids cooking class went, or my muffin tin monday meal.
I've never done a review...if I comment about how good something is it means I have purchased it and actually tried it. But I can't remember specifically doing a post for this! We do a craft/food/life blog! Check it out! theplannertheprocrastinator.blogspot.com

Love and Hugs, Jess

PS I'm in the same boat! Give me something to read and learn from! I do like a good giveaway from time to time and dont mind the reviews once in awhile just mix it up a bit!
Hey Melissa! Come for a visit, my blog is 100% not reviews! Take a look around and give me the low-down on what you think! I'll be checking out yours too!

this little light of mine
I have a new blog just about my life: http://www.soleilselene.com Check it out!
Hi there. I do not have an reviews on my blog. I just write about my life, write poems and put up some of my art work.

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