While I am all about reviews, having done them myself, my google reader is full of reviews/ads/and giveaway blogs. I'd love to connect with some blogs that aren't all reviews. I don't mind a few here and there, but to read a blog that is more about parenting/marriage/spiritual stuff and add it to my Fave folder would be wonderful.

Anyone? Do you have a blog that is only 25% or less reviews and the rest of it is about life? Please share your link with me!


PS:  Mine is Hidden Valley Simplicity with some book reviews between the "helpful", daily life posts.

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Melissa, I started blogging pretty much every day just to avoid review overload on the blog. Although, the homeschool product reviews I'm doing this year are far fewer in number to last year's experience.

What has really helped provide post inspiration is a combination of having an infant in the house again AND our family's move from Maryland to Alaska. We have lots of friends and family that want to experience Alaska through us. So, I do my best to chronicle our lives up here and showcase the places we visit.

Laura O

Hello, I wanted to let you know, I'm new and I have 3 blogs I would love for you to visit.

Musings of a Modern Mom

Just Another Day In Paradise

Share the Bible with MusingMom

I'll be checking your out also!

Mine has pretty much nothing in the way of reviews. It's a lot of talk about my kids, green friendly things, water conservation, pretty much whatever is on my mind at that moment...

I know what you mean!! I started blogging cause I liked personal blogs but now it seems some people solely focus on giveaways and gimmicks to increase traffic. Nothing wrong with that, but not too fascinating to read. anyway mine is

My blog is mostly a news blog with reviews sprinkled in...


My other blog is strictly podcasts, with NO reviews at all...

Pick me!

Although, I have to laugh because TODAY of all days I actually have deviated from my usual motherhood stuff to do a giveaway.

I hardly ever do reviews. I mostly show off pictures I've taken throughout the day along with funny stories of things that have happened or projects I've been working on. :) Think of my blog as a fun letter from a friend....

I hear ya! My blog is definitely less than 25% reviews- mostly about "mom stuff" and kids and the outdoors. I also do a series called Momcomm Monday where I help blogger improve their writing, blogging and social media skills (I'm a marketer by day). Here's my URL:

I'm with you on that one! I actually had to un-follow a good handful of blog recently because it felt like I was walking through a virtual mall every time I was opening my reader! Here are a few faves of mine:

Bring The Rain: www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com
The Pioneer Woman: www.thepioneerwoman.com
Sunny Side Up: http://kennyanderin.blogspot.com/
Gitzen Girl: www.gitzengirl.blogspot.com

and of course, I think mine is kind of nice too. :) The Arena Update: www.thearenaupdate.com

Hope you find what you're looking for!
Oh! Thank you for starting this. Here is mine- The Mom Writes, offering simple, practical tips on simple and green living, working from home as a writer, parenting toddlers and creating a comfortable home. I have reviews but only for books and products I truly enjoy.
I look forward to connecting with all of you awesome writers.
The Mom Writes
I have maybe 2-4 reviews/giveaways per month on my blog, Bright Autumn Sun. The rest is fun stuff and anecdotes from my life. Feel free to check it out if you'd like! :)
I have no reviews! I agree, I like to read about people, not sales.
I will check yours out too!

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