While I am all about reviews, having done them myself, my google reader is full of reviews/ads/and giveaway blogs. I'd love to connect with some blogs that aren't all reviews. I don't mind a few here and there, but to read a blog that is more about parenting/marriage/spiritual stuff and add it to my Fave folder would be wonderful.

Anyone? Do you have a blog that is only 25% or less reviews and the rest of it is about life? Please share your link with me!


PS:  Mine is Hidden Valley Simplicity with some book reviews between the "helpful", daily life posts.

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well mine is all about baking. www.bakingwithred.blogspot.com

make that http://oh.so-very.me

hehe changed domains :P

Jenny said:

mine has no reviews (barely) http://justjennifer.me

Hi Melissa, here is mine http://all-around-autism.blogspot.com/ I hope you visit quite often. It is about autism awareness along with personal stories, quotes, rants and inspirational ramblings.

Now I'm off to visit yours.:)

My blog is called Moms in Venting. I vent about the absurdities of life. Do you Procrastinate? I will tell you why its a good thing. No reviews, No giveaways, just writing. Come check me out at http://momsinvent.blogspot.com/
My personal blog, Pretty Nameless, has no reviews at all. It's http://www.prettynameless.com

I blog about my life in Germany and other stuffs I do with my kids. Haven't done any review yet.



I do crafts for kids. Piggy Giggles

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