While I am all about reviews, having done them myself, my google reader is full of reviews/ads/and giveaway blogs. I'd love to connect with some blogs that aren't all reviews. I don't mind a few here and there, but to read a blog that is more about parenting/marriage/spiritual stuff and add it to my Fave folder would be wonderful.

Anyone? Do you have a blog that is only 25% or less reviews and the rest of it is about life? Please share your link with me!


PS:  Mine is Hidden Valley Simplicity with some book reviews between the "helpful", daily life posts.

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My blog is a mix of everything. The only thing I review on a regular basis is books (which I post on Tuesdays). In the mean time, I write about whatever strikes my fancy. There are also a few vlogs sprinkled in because, well, I like the camera. LOL

My blog is Living Outside the Stacks at http://livingoutsidethestacks.com
My blog has 0 reviews and is all about family, marriage, being a mom, and faith. I do book reviews (booksneeze) but there aren't any on there yet and it won't take up that much space on my blog. (I want to keep it about my life rather than reviews and stuff.)

Hi Melissa, I blog about doing a home business and living green at http://bizformomsonline.blogspot.com/

I am checking out your blog now!
I have two blogs I do some reviews but not many.


I think I may fall into that catagory, however do write articles.

I don't know if this is what you need but you can check me out and decide for yourself. http://lifeontheedge-doretta.blogspot.com.
Oh yeah! My reviews are even less than 25% (but there ARE some). Check out Grandma's Briefs at:


If you want to see the reviews, find them by clicking on the "Back Room" tab.

This is great! My blog is Mama Knows It All http://www.mamaknowsitall.com

I'm going to check you all out now!
I'm getting a little tired of all of the review/giveaway blogs myself, especially the ones that do nothing but reviews and giveaways! I have a work at home blog and I've just began doing reviews and giveaways. Ive been sure not to overdo it though because I don't want to be like those other blogs! I also have my own personal blog Madam Sarcasm where I talk about everything from parenting, working from home, marriage.. everything!
I guess my blog counts, basically about meandering through motherhood. Sometimes I'm just looking for blogs to read and comment on, not necessarily interested in entering giveaways. I've done one giveaway on my blog...

Mommy Moves Again

Let me know what you think!
Joanna -

I hear what you're saying. I've not been following as many blogs lately because of the same reason. My blog is about 90% content. my blog, The Organizing Genie, focuses on home and office organization, living a simplified life, family management, my client's challenges, and products I like for organizing.

From the name of your blog, it looks like our blogs have some commonalities. I'll check out your blog. Would love to connect.


Janet, The Organizing Genie
I know exactly what you mean! ;0) I do an occasional review or giveaway, but mostly my blog is just about my messy, unpredicable life as a parent -- and what God is teaching me through my (many) struggles and mistakes!

Will go over and check you out ... sounds like we like to read the same kind of blogs!


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