While I am all about reviews, having done them myself, my google reader is full of reviews/ads/and giveaway blogs. I'd love to connect with some blogs that aren't all reviews. I don't mind a few here and there, but to read a blog that is more about parenting/marriage/spiritual stuff and add it to my Fave folder would be wonderful.

Anyone? Do you have a blog that is only 25% or less reviews and the rest of it is about life? Please share your link with me!


PS:  Mine is Hidden Valley Simplicity with some book reviews between the "helpful", daily life posts.

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Hi, my blog is about how I'm trying to balance the rollercoaster ride of parenting a toddler with my battle with breast cancer. I almost never do reviews, although I do occassionally write posts that draw attention to organizations that are helpful to people with cancer. I try to get a few funny posts in there too, check out stuffed bra or pregnancy 101: how to roll over. And I live in a beautiful area so I try to post a lot of photos too.

Judy Haley
I have a family blog: Nomie's 3 Monsters. I just talk about parenting and life with my kids in a blended family (I have a daughter from a previous relationship). I do have a blog hop called: Ask Mommas Wednesdays where you just go around to other blogs where you link up a post within the week that you have a question about life, parenting, etc... Just wanted to put that out there :o)
Well, since I only have 1 review, then yes, I think I fit in the under 25% review category.

I write about being, technology, parenting, my toddler, family, and sometimes other weird quirky things I think about at 3am, on the nights I am not working the graveyard shift. I write more about self realization than spirtula subjects, but you may enjoy my unique perspective.

So funny! I was thinking the same thing today!!! I am new to blogging and want to read some blogs that are not reviews/contest/giveaways . It is hard to weed through those to get to some personal blogs. So I started a group today for personal blogs only! Come join so it will be easier for us to find these blogs! :)


I am going to go through this discussion to read some great stuff other than reviews! Thanks for a great discussion topic Melissa!

Oh, and my blog is about recyvling my pre-baby clothes that don't fit anymore into something new that I can wear again. It has been fun so far. Come take a look :)

I do - celebrity entertainment and gossip.

A definite get away from Mommy and reviews.

check it out.


and become a fan on facebook.
Well, mine is confessions of an anti-depressant taking mom which you may find a bit depressing, in which case you can then click on my other blog Stupid/Funny Posts Found on Facebook and Other Forums which hopefully well then give a giggle...

Try ours http://eggsplatter.com - it is full of whatever crosses our daily lives. There are actually six of us writing it so there is always a variety of topics on the go!
The Girlz Korner is exclusively a site for women of all ages and backgrounds that offers light, witty, entertaining and informative articles on everything from The Little Black Dress to Making Whoopie. When you get a moment to exhale, stop by and check us out.
I do reviews, but mostly I write about our life, my toddler, and things that I care about.
Hi, my blog is The Moxie Bee http://www.themoxiebee.com

Come on by and take a look.

I don't review or give things away. I snark. I goof. I post about observations. I crack myself up.

Your blog is great, and I couldn't agree more! Here's one I think you'll love: www.babycross.wordpress.com.


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