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Hi. I just want to say I'm new to the group and I'm really new to blogging and hoping i can find some help. Ive noticed on a few blogs that some blogs have days like 'Wordless Wednesday' and there are a few others Ive seen out there and I'm wondering where you guys come up with ideas like these.

Thanks, Christal

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I've done Wordless Wednesday  and for a while did One Word Wednesdays and then Best and Worst posts...just a way to to shake things up. Recently I have begun Parent Fail Fridays (though not every week). Just keep blogging and reading blogs and the ideas will come to you.

Really it is just a way to get readers to have something to count on. For instance I think I am going to start a Pay-It-Forward Friday. That way readers know that every Friday that's what I'm going to talk about and perhaps I can get a readership for that. It depends on your blog and the things that you think you are going to talk about kind of frequently. Then try to come up with a title for those kind of posts. I wish you luck!

(Don't get too carried away though. I once stopped following a blog because every single day was designated and it felt pushed)

Good luck! i will follow your blog please do the same thank you..



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