Angels Are God’s Helpers by Shelly Morrow Whitenburg [Giveaway!]

Have you ever had a wonderful thought while putting your baby’s down only to misplace it in the chaos of life?

How about a thought so profound you replayed it over and over in your head and even on paper, wondering what could possibly come of it one day?

That is what happened with my friend, Shelly Morrow Whitenburg. One sunny day in the late 90′s as she was putting her young son down for a nap a rhyme popped in to her head that she could not deny as divine. She said it stuck with her, in her mind and through her words, for many years before she finally wrote it down. Within the last year she reached out to a publisher, on a whim, to see where the Lord was taking this rhyme He gave her many years before. Wouldn’t you know it, she received a call back from Tate Publishing the very next day!

Angels Are God’s Helpers is a sweet rhyme about asking for help from the Angels who are always around us to help, comfort, and protect us.

One lucky reader will get their very own signed copy of Angels Are God’s Helpers!

To enter, leave your first name and last initial and the state you are from in the comment section of this post. Entries must be received by Saturday, May 12th.

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