What To Know About Using A Rideshare Service with Kids

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Hi - I've been having trouble with GFC for about the last month or two. I've tried reloading it, putting it in an HTML box of it's own, reformatting it - everything I can think of. Is anyone else having this problem - and how have you fixed it if you have had in the past.


Can someone go to and tell me if you can see it? It's in the right sidebar under the "follow" section close to the top.


Thanks so much! Tina "the book lady" wswpub (at)

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Tina, I've been griping about this widget's wonkiness here and there over the past year. ijust got mine running again. head over to your gfc dashboard and make sure that under Settings > Basic for that specific site, that your url is entered correctly, if not, LEAVE IT ALONE. click on the advanced tab and add your url to Section 2 Alternate addresses. you don't have www at the beginning of your blog's domain so don't enter it as such. enter it exactly as you did in the post here. I hope it helps and let me know if it does! good luck! Vanita


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