I just wrote a post about the illusions of multi-tasking. I confessed that multi-tasking can leave me feeling like I'm simply under-performing in several areas--all at once.

What is your experience? Do you think you can "have it all" without some price along the way?

Here is my post:


 Tell me your thoughts, I would love to hear your views!

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I can't believe no one responded to this. I don't multitask well because I work better focused on one thing at a time. I don't like to cook and I often burn food because you have to multitask while cooking a meal for a lot of people. I've always felt a bit stretched being a working mom, but it was a necessity not a choice.


Thanks for your comment Cheryl, I appreciate your honesty. I think it's healthy to share our struggles with juggling it all. It keeps us from setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves...

Wow only one other comment? I wrote a post about multi-tasking as well. I try not to multitask too much but for some reason I end up doing it. I noticed I'm more effective when I am laser focused. But the idea of women having it all, I think we can.

You first have to define what "ALL" means for yourself.  For me having it all means having the time to spend with my family, having a job that I LOVE, that is flexible an can pays the bills (if I so happen to make a million dollars then so be it, lol), spending quality time with hubby to nurture our marriage and living a simple life. Can I have that, I believe so. I believe I pretty darn close to it as well.

So don't get discouraged about having it all. Define what it meas to yourself and then go get it.

Hi Felicia, thanks for responding to this post. I love writing about this topic because it's so real life. I agree, having it "all" is possible if we redefine it. Keeping it simple is key, like you said. My favorite saying is "The secret to having it all is knowing you already do." That pretty much defines the idea of 'having it all.'
Hey, glad to meet you. I look forward to checking out your blog.
Leslie (aka wen Moss)

I just wrote a post about this topic this week after my husband commented on coming home to a messy house that day.

Here's that post:

I think that it's all about priorities. 

I created my blog because multi-tasking is all I do...and wanting to "have it all" is why I multi-task. 


I think if you read my welcome page you will realize you too are a Cinderella Mom!!





Having it all is not bad as long as we have our priorities straight.....Never put "having it all" before your children and their feelings, or their needs!

I think you can have it all and still keep your sanity LOL. Chalk it up to multitasking my way through a graduate degree with a kid and a business in record time. I think you have to be extremly motivated and organized to do it but it can be done. Its not always simple and there are days when you are like wow its going to be crazy today but it is all possible to do without losing your mind or having to decide to do some and not the rest.  I see where it won't work for everyone but for me it does, I refuse to miss my morning run so I do it before the kids wake, the kids need my attention so I work around their schedules but it all still gets done and no one and nothing has to suffer. I am a perfectionist and I refuse to fail so I make it work but again I totally see why that won't work for everyone.  

Yep, I do a lot of multi tasking and feel that everything ends up done half assed (sorry for the language). I have a lot of plans this year to do a total career change, so I'll be super busy and need to figure out how to balance everything.

So far, from my own experience, talking to other moms (both that work outside the home and SAHMS) there is no such thing as "having it all." There are always sacrifices and days when we feel like we fall short!

I say, if we can end a day feeling like we've accomplished a task or two, taken care of our family and maybe, just maybe, carved out a minute for ourselves, we can say we've done well!

I love this! I definitely know I exhaust myself, trying to have it all & multi-tasking!

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I would love to increase my readership as well. I am finding it a bit difficult. I do like coming on to the site and reading other blogs.  I have found some great blogs. I normally keep track of the blogs that I join and try to comment on them at least once every other week until I just never hear from them.  I love having tons of blogs to read and respond too.


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