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Hello Moms, I would love to hear how you ladies see yourselves in regards to your role from home...I personally changed my view from "stay" to "work" and just this has expanded my income and opportunities.

How do you see yourself, even if you have an online business / blog, do you see yourself as a "stay at home mom" or a "work from home mom"?
In either case "work" or "stay" what is the difference to you and why?

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Manon- I used to say stay at home too, then the more I got involved in my online businesses I started to think of myself as a work at home mom. I am now part time in home and out of the home. So I would definitely classify myself as a work at home mom. Because I AM working at home, plus caring for my kids.
Thanks Onna...that is great, better results with your business I bet! :)
I have my own business and I blog as well. At first I said I am a stay at home mommy just like Manon, but now that i work at home as well, I refer to my self as a Work At Home Mommy :). My first priority is my little one though, because I decided to stay home and take care of her. So, i make sure that she is taken care of first and then comes the rest. I see myself as a loving mommy, wife, hardworking business woman and mommy blogger. All combined together which makes ME :)
i am glad I m not the only one who thinks this way :)
Very good point - definitely "work" at home ;) Up until end of Oct. I worked outside the home and also have my own online business and blog. I guess you can say I like to keep busy!
That is great...I am assuming you have some great time management skills.
Hey Ladies, I just changed my name to "work at home mom" too! If you are interested in marketing your blogs and WAH businesses I would love for you to check out my blog!! You can start here
I guess I am transitioning from a stay at home to a work at home... I am getting some income..not much..certainly not much..but its more than simply ad incomes .....
Plus all that is done while still raising a kid and maintaining a somewhat sane yea work from home...
I consider myself a work from home mom. I'm a single mother and even though my daughter's special needs require me to have more time at home than a work outside of the home mother I still work. I view some days as working days where I try to schedule a specific number of hours to accomplish my tasks and other days as 'mommy/kid' days where I focus all attention on them.
Hey Dwan...I guess that is a huge benefit of working from home, you can somewhat schedule your tasks around family responsibilities. :)
I consider myself a stay at home mom who loves to work too!

Helping Moms Work from Home
Hi, I used to be a sahm while I was raising my two children. Now, my children are grown, one graduated from college this past year, and my youngest will be starting college this August. I've been a wahm now for about 7-8 years. I would really like to be able to expand my income with Avon and to build up my team.

The economy just isn't helping me out. My sales are way down, my income is going by the wayside. My recruits have all bailed out on I'm starting over again. It is very frustrating for me. I love the products, I've been selling Avon for 10 years. I worked for 4 years as a Sub-Seller for a good friend of mine.

She talked me into selling it on my own. She has long since left Avon, and is a big powerful manager for a software company.

I do a big part of my work from my home office, and a lot is done on my computer. I do leave the office, schedule and make deliveries, collect monies, deposit in bank account, pay Avon, and start all over again with a new brochure, new campaign.

It's repetitious. I try and pick up at the minimum one new customer a month. I used to have Unit meeting with my girls, but since I only have one rep left, I've been mentoring to her by email. I try and make it up to her area, once a month and work with her. She's very shy, and has a hard time talking to people.

I don't know- if I'm dumb for staying on or not. I've been thinking more lately about quitting, giving up on Avon. I've been looking at some new opportunities that might be better.

But, what do I do with the customer base that I do have? I guess I could give them to my only rep I have left. Maybe that is a possibility, I never thought of before. I'd appreciate any one's insight here, I need suggestions.


Teresa Ferenz
Teresa's Avon Biz


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