Have you ever been concerned about not posting on your blog? Do you get anxious that readers will forget about your 'blog world' if you don't post for, say, 4 days? Or a week?

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there are times that i think, what if i don't post at all or drop blogging forever? i probably can stop posting when im all too busy, but sure hell i will miss it and will still keep reading other blogs, like yours. LOL

but i did get one comment from a friend who keeps reading my blog. when i didn't post for more than a week, he asked me why i stopped blogging that long. LOL
That is a great question and honestly the answer is yes.

I try not to go more than a day or so without blogging and if I do, I even post a little blurb just saying I am still there but busy. Most seem to understand and I sometimes have more comments on those posts than my regular posts! Weird.

Anyway, I know I should not care, but I do.
I'm borderline obsessive compulsive, and so it really, really bugs me to not post anything. I'm also a person who wants to do my best all the time... sometimes posting every day and doing my best don't fit together! I'm forcing myself to take a break from posting over the holidays. I need to recharge.... offline!
Out of sight out of mind complex, sure! I try to line up posts a couple days in advance, *just in case*, you know? :)
A little bit, yes. I worry that if I miss a few days I'll be forgotten about, which is near death in the blogging world.
Yes, a little, but I try not to let it get to me. Blogging is for me and I should be in control of the whens, hows, and whys. I do feel bad after a while for not getting to all the blogs I love and commenting! *cough cough, yours!*
Yes, it's something that I think about. That's why I'm trying to line up guest bloggers just in case my morning sickness gets worse.
It's rumored that one can break out in nasty hives should they not post frequently. Thankfully, I have a closet full of Benadryl. ;-)

But mostly I am afraid *I* am going to forget about my blog if I don't post for a few days!
Yes. Lately I've had lots of product review deadlines, and I also worry about turning off readers with so many of them.
Yes! I have so many people I've promised reviews to in exchange for a food sample or book review copy. And there's so much I want to share with my readers. But honestly, I get wiped out writing all day and have to take a break. Then it's back to the grind.
Yes, in fact I have another blog on and forgot my password. I have tried to get my password from them and all I get back from them is some computer code that will not allow me to access my site. I really started enjoying my own site and was fascinated on how it was looking and the subject matter that I was writing on.
My husband is a pastor and is a minister for marriage counseling. I also write about marriage, the blessing that the Lord has called upon marriage and also the trials that can take place in a marriage. I hope to share these insights on this new blog and hope that someday I can get back to my older blog.
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