Baby Sign Language games: Making your Own Snow Globe

Hi all my name is Etel, I would like to share this fun activity I use to have fun and bond with my children. 


Baby Sign Language is a great tool to encourage interaction between children and adults. One of my favorite ways is through making art projects!


Making homemade snow globes is a fun and simple activity. It requires team work between the child and the adult and allows both of you to spend time together. Your snow globe could be a new ornament to decorate your house or even a present for a family member!


If you follow the instructions below, you and your child can easily make a snow globe together. You can put any small toy or figure that your child really likes to sign: a little dog, a boy, or his or her favorite animal. 


How to Make a Snow Globe

1 medium-sized clear plastic container or a baby food jar
White glitter (I used gold, and the colored glitter doesn’t work as well)
Glue gun
Small plastic figure of your child’s favorite sign
Cold water
1. Wash container and remove label.
2. Using a glue gun, attach the plastic figure or decorations to the inside of the jar lid.
3. Fill the jar ½ inch from the top with cold water.
4. Add glitter.
5. Screw lid on the jar. Let it set overnight with the lid side up.
The next morning, you and your child will have a wonderful surprise waiting for you! Now that the snow globe is ready, you can have a fun and interactive meaningful playtime. You can even introduce new signs or reinforce existing signs with your child.

First, SHAKE the snowball and sign WAIT.
Wait for the glitter-rain to fall down…sign WAIT again.

Then sign RAIN and SNOW. You can sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider and use theRAIN and SNOW signs. (See our free iPhone / iPad app to learn how to sign along!)

Ask your child WHERE IS _________? 

Sign WAIT…and then reveal the little figure! Here it is! 

What other signs would you sign in this activity?

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