Best product promotions-Joya shoes and ageLOC Galvanic Spa (giveaways)



After a year of consistent product reviews I decided to do a series featuring some of my faves.  The products I will be featuring not only have my vote, but they score high among consumers. Thus they are deserving of a my best product badge.

The first two to receive my very modest reward are:
Joya shoes; wins for best comfort shoes-enter to win (3 Winners)
The creators of Joya used the principle of biomimetics to reflect the flexibility of the human foot. The result is most comfortable and nicest shoe I have ever owned.  These are actually said to be the softest shoe in the world.
ageLOC Galvanic Spa; wins for best beauty gadget-enter to win
After nine months of continued use I can honestly say that this had made a positive difference in my appearance.  Iontopheresis is the technology behind the Galvanic Spa and has been used for decade in spas with a price range of $75 to 200 per treatment.   For me the effect is similar to a facial, but with cumulative benefits.

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