My heart goes out to any family or friends of the victims in this explosion.i have worked on several jobs where safety has been said to be first. but when it comes to time and goes out thte window. so i understand what the men were saying in the A.360 interview.BP is out of control.I think by the time they clean up this spill,go thru all their legal fees and of course law suits.They will of course file for bankruptacy.

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In the past 8 years, BP has recorded obscene profits. There is absolutely no reason to scrimp on worker's safety and/or salaries, but corporate greed really knows no bounds. Having said that, I don't think that this will make them go bankrupt, unless they find a way to cook their books to do so. BP, however, is not the only oil company who scrimps on safety and/or cleanup costs. If you Google Shell Oil and Nigeria, you will see that Shell has been totally egregious in it's pollution of a third-world country with no consequences.
thanks for the reply jewel.

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