Brand new blog is a week old and I've got questions! Answers and advice, please! :-)


I've been blogging since 2009 for our journey with our son ( and I wanted to break out and do more of a mainstream blog. Enter Momma Candy!

My son's page has a good amount of followers but I didn't realize how difficult it would be to get followers to the new blog.

I've read that twitter is a good avenue but I am twitter stupid! (I can hash tag like nobody's business, though!) How do you use twitter to get more followers? By hashtagging? Twitter parties?

Starting this blog has proven to be a lot more overwhelming. In the beginning, what is more important? Building content and followers? Blog layout, design, and branding? I feel like I'm jumping from point to point and I'm not sure where I should be spending most of my time.

And, I need followers, and I'm looking to follow! Wanna follow each other?


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Building content is what I'm told. I've had multiple sponsor inquiries, and most of them just want more content, and a bulked up site. You already have your own domain, which is want sponsors want. I built my my blog exactly a month ago, and my followers build every day. I share my posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I have also joined multiple communities on Google +, that are related to my content, and I share my posts there. At this point, it's all about promoting yourself. I went and followed your site, visit me over at Busy, Young, Single Momma Sanity!

Oh, and I literally just added a members section, so I can show you how quickly I will gain members from promoting myself these ways.

Thanks for the advice! I followed you back! So are you on Facebook? Or do you get most of your followers from google+? I didn't have a hard time getting Facebook followers but its been a hell of a time getting people to subscribe or follow with friend connect!

I love the look of your blog Shauna!  Getting followers is really hard.  I've been really working at it.  Increasing my following is one of my goals for 2013.  I've been told that Twitter is really good too, but I can't seem to build up much of a following there.  Building content is the most important part.  If you have good content than others will come.  If you have bad content then nothing else matters.  Of course the other stuff is important too, but content is the key.

I followed you :-).  I'd love it if you'd follow me too.


Thank you! I'm working on it! I followed you on Facebook but do you have a subscribe button or google friend follower im missing? I'd love to follow you there, too! Thanks for following me!

I'm working on getting an email subscription started.  I do have a button on the top to follow the blog on Goggle+. 

Hey Shauna,

I like your page! I am new to the world of blogging and the best advice I can give is to be consistent and keep the good, interesting, and unique content rolling. I've found joining some communities do help and twitter has been great. Building followers is a job within itself. I'd say building content is key, because that is what is going to keep and bring followers.

I am now following you via facebook. When you get a chance, stop my page:

good luck & happy blogging


Thanks so much for the advice! Thanks for following me, too. I'm following you on Facebook! Lots of fun and inspiration on your blog!

Mostly from the Google Communities :)

Building followers on twitter takes time and patience.  You have to connect with people and build relationships.  I wrote a blog post about my first 30 days on twitter and it should give you an idea on where to start on twitter.  Don't buy fake followers, they do nothing for you other than make your numbers look better.  You can have a twitter account with 1000 active real followers who have far more reach than someone who has 1000 fake followers.  

I wrote this blog post on hubpages, which can actually help you get followers to your main blog too.  What I Learned From Twitter in the first 30 days?

It has taken me a long time to gain followers who read and comment on my blog.  Mine is a few months old.  I had a surge in traffic from Thanksgiving until Christmas, but I was posting my elf on the shelf posts daily.  And he was quite a popular elf.  However, today I am still getting around 150 hits a day.  Which isn't bad for my blog only being a few months old.  My breastfeeding category was moved from another domain and redirected to my new domain.   Keep sharing your posts and content on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Stumbleupon, Digg, and sites such as this one.  

Another way to get followers to your blog, is to guest post on other people's sites as well.  I have written a few guest posts and am contributor on another blog.   

Variety of links is important if you want to rank in google.  Good luck.

Wow! Thank you so much for all the useful advice! I just read the whole article and I'm so glad you answered a big question of mine - What in the heck is a twitter party and how and when should I join one???

And I'm now following you. I just need to sit down and learn to Twitter to my advantage!

Thanks again!

Christy that is a great article!  I didn't join Twitter until I started my blog and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

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