Bridge the gap between when girlz start their period to becoming pregnant.

Hello Moms, How many of us have started our period away from home and all the things we need. Well I have created a kit for that special day. I've worked on this for 4 years and have found that girlz are sexually active as early as 10 and girlz are starting their period as early as 8. When girlz are having unprotected sex at a young age they dont know that when their period come they can get pregnant. When girlz start we give them the products they need and thats the end.
We need to as women explain to our daughters or you sister, niece, cousin who ever the young lady is in your life what our bodies go through before and after we start our period. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this very important subject that so many women are unconfortable to talk about.

I will be online March 15th

This should be a time of celerbration for our girlz when entering womanhood!


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