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I don't know if this has been mentioned before and I'm honestly to lazy to look...

But what do you do with visitor comments? You read them, obviously (or maybe you don't), but do you return the comment by visiting their site and leaving one?

I don't think a lot of people do to be honest. I spend all day commenting on blogs and returning comments ('cause I have nothing else or better to do). But I have found that a lot of other bloggers do not return the favor.

I know you don't have to. But since it's all about linkage and visibility and all that stuff that bloggers are obsessed with, you'd think they'd do it. xD I'm not complaining. I'm used to my blog being commentless, but I just wanted to post about it.

That's my rant for the day xD

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I try to comment on those who comment on my blog. Sometimes I miss some as it's time consuming to keep up, but I try to get all of them.
I try really hard to visit all the people who comment on my blog. It does become very time consuming but I do feel it is important. I try to dedicated time at the end of each day to go visit people who have commented on my blog.
I try to go through the blogs that I have on my reader and if there are new posts I check them out and try to comment. I also try and comment on the blogs of people who comment on mine too since I don't have that many commenters it helps build them up when you help each other out.
I think commenting back and replying to questions is very important. Your blog is your community and the relationships you form with your readership has to be nutured to be maintained. I get an email everytime someone comments on my blog so even if they are on older posts I know about them. I have personally stopped reading blogs where the author does not ever respond to my comments, especially if I ask a specific question. I try to respond to each comment via email or visit to their blog. Everyone likes visits and comments or we wouldn't be blogging, it's just nice and polite to return the favor.
I too try and visit a commenter's blog and leave a comment in return. But I have to admit, even though I don't get a ton of comments, sometimes it's hard to keep up with everyone's blogs/comments/communities! With all my little ones needing so much attention and all the other things going on, well, somedays are just better than others.
I try, but I'm not perfect at it.
If it's a brand new commenter, I make it an important point to visit their blog - to make a connection and learn more about my reader. If it's a "regular" that comments daily, I comment that day if I have the time, but if not, I'm sure to hit up their blog least twice a week if I can.

These rules aren't set in stone, but it's a good guideline I use to be sure I'm staying connected with my readers. They're important to me and I value them. However, I did use to comment back for every single commenter (ugh), but it was getting to the point where I was sometimes trying to reciprocate to 40 or 50 people in a day. No can do.
My blog really took of a few months ago and I am finally getting a lot of new comments. I do not have a standard mommy-blogger blog though (I am a mommy who is blogging rather than a mommy-blogger). I reply to all comments on my blog and I leave a comment in return if I feel that the commenter's blog is relevant to my subject and I am interested in the post.
Sometimes I will leave a comment on a very small blog that has no comments at all but I am not very likely to become a regular reader. (after all I have to spend my time wisely.)
Another idea that I use is commenting on blogs of my size or a little bit bigger (if I am doing to attract traffic. Ifg I genuinely like the article than I'll comment no matter how big the blog is). If you have only 1 or 2 comments on average and you want a blogger with 20 comments to visit your blog then this is more of a wishful thinking. Grow slowly and as your subscribers numbers increase start exposing yourself to bigger blog.
Blogging is all about interacting so when you leave a comment make sure that it is meaningful and not just "Hey, that a great post. Thanks" (I never respond to those types of comments.)

I hope that my opinion will help you.
I completely agree. I'm a newbie blogger and I try my best to get back around to everyone that leaves a comment or follows me. I don't think I've missed anyone yet, but I could be wrong. LOL I think it's only common courtesy to reply/follow when someone has shown an interest in your blog.
I do try to get back to respond to the comments that are left on my blog. If the comment requires a response. But I don't always comment, just because I got a comment. I like commenting on things that I can add to the post or maybe even disagree.
I agree. To me it's as simple as the link my parents always used to tell me: To have friends, you have to be a friend. So yes, I do make an effort to visit, to comment and to actually connect.


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