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We just had CES in Vegas, Chicks Who Click in Boulder, CO last week. Blissdom and Mom 2.0 Summit in February, SXSW Interactive in March, BlogHer in July, and BlogWorld & New Media Expo in October are coming up, too, as are lots of smaller and more regional ones.

Are you planning to go to any social media/tech conference? If so, which ones?

And if not, why? (money, intimidated, child care issues, can't get time off work, I go to non-tech conferences instead, etc.)

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I'm not planning to go to any conferences this year. I am pretty new to blogging and the money just isn't there to go anywhere this year. I wish I would have known about Chicks Who Click because Boulder would have been very doable.
It was a bit pricey at $175 for one day, but worth it for the networking.
That is a bit pricey, but if you don't have to pay for hotel and can drive to the event then it might actually be a bargain ;)
I'm not going to any - I'm in Canada and most are stateside. Plus, there's the whole day job and paying the mortgage thing to worry about as well ;)
I'll be at all except Chicks who Click and not sure on Mom 2.0 Summit yet.
I can't afford them. :( BOO HOO. I wish I could find a sponsor to Blissdom 09 so bad!
Can't go (but would love to) since I'm in Paris. Do you know of any conferences in Europe (besides CEBIT which has become the joke of the European IT industry. Only the Germans attend).

What exactly goes on at these blogging conferences? Or more specifically, if I'm not reviewing or selling anything on my blog, how can I benefit from a conference? I just tell stories, complain about the French, and dish on my bitchy expat friends. I would love to pick up new readers, but I'm not sure how attending a conference (vs. being a speaker or being profiled) can get more people reading the La Mom blog.
I want to go to the Mom 2.0 Summit, because it is only three hours from my house. Unfortunately, it is too close to my due date. SXSW is also too close to my due date. My husband and I would love to go to SXSW, but it is pretty expensive. Most likely next year.

I REALLY want to go to BlogHer in July. And my blog earnings can pay for the conference fee this year! :) My husband and toddler want to go along for the ride, so it is matter of affording the plane tickets, hotel and using the child care services. We'll see. I am not going to buy a conference pass this year until I am definite that will spend the money on the trip.
I wish I could go to SXSW too, but between the expense and the fact that it's 5 days long, it's not doable. I may be taking the kids and the husband to BlogHer. We have friends in the area, and they can hang out with them while I'm at the conference.
I'm going to Blissdom and BlogHer because they're close by and I'm lucky to be in the midwest. The others are just too far away and plane tickets don't grow on trees! I just started blogging and am not making the greenbacks that a lot of you ladies seem to be making....yet! I hope to get the hang of this stuff soon though and I hope more people start reading!
no conferences for me :-( too much money and no childcare... and i think i would be really intimidated too :-/

I will be at BlogHer. I wish I knew about Chicks Who Click. I'm super close to that. When's the next one?


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