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Hi everyone,

I currently write 2 Toddlers and Me through Blogger and am thinking about purchasing the custom domain name Blogger offers. I want to make sure I am making the right decision, so I thought I would stop here and ask for advice.

My first question is: if I purchase the domain name from Blogger and still use them as a hosting platform does Google still have ultimate control over my blog? I've heard some scary stories of blogs being randomly deleted by Google.

I've also heard great things about transition to WordPress too. I cannot decide if I should transition as well. I really want my blog to continue grow but I would really like this to be the only time I make these major changes.

My children aren't going to be toddlers much longer so I'm also considering a name change which is what started my looking into these other changes. What do you think about purchasing the domain name? What do you do and which platform do you recommend?


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