Do you believe in exposing your child to a foreign language at an early age?

If you would like your child to learn  a second language, feel free to leave your thoughts about why you think it is a good idea.

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About second language: Absolutely yes.

My new family consists of people who speak Hebrew, English and Portuguese, living on Brazil.

I wrote about the subject on my Blog Yeladim - Childrem (Bilingual Babies!) because my baby Hannah was born and we communicated with her in three languages constantly, sometimes the father speak portuguese and english to play with her. I talk hebrew to her in while breastfeeding ... it seems that everything goes well.

We, sure, can't insist she choose a specific language to learn. In the time in growth She take learning, the understanding will coming naturally.

I loved his proposal for our opinions, I wish you success.

Bilingual Babies!
Thank you for your reply! Hope you will join my blog. I post lessons on speaking French and Spanish.
Totally - I wrote about raising my children bilingual. They are one and three and fluent in two languages
Absolutely believe in keeping early language receptors open. I have a 9yo HFA (high functioning autistic) and a 7yo developing typically. 9 has trouble with responding outside English, but he can understand Spanish, German and some French. 7yo has had 3 years of Spanish in school and is a sponge for other languages. Love learning with them!
Hi Kate,
I love your reply! It can be a very special time for you and your little one. I did that when my three children were younger. Even though I am a native speaker of French, I took my kids to the library to take out books and cassettes that we sat down and went over. There is so much resources available for free from your local library. My youngest who is 15, took a strong liking to Spanish. He is in the 10th grade and is in level two Spanish. It is so much fun sitting down with him to help him with his Spanish.

Nicole Weaver
Hello girls,

One thing a friend specialist in linguistics told me is that we should avoid talk silly things , exemple; bubbub, tiktiktik, uiuiuiui.... Those things say nothing and we think they like.

We has talking to the things important to them; sucking in breast, drinking, eating, cleaning, bathing, names of objects, and others things , always using comprehensive word, so they will have sense and understanding the languages. Indeed, you can vary the languages smoothly, because they will always associate the pleasure of the act or the play with words and short phrases.

I loved all the comments.


Your linguistics specialist friend is right on the money. we should always use correct speech with kids. That is how they learn.The idea of using baby talk is simply wrong. Great response.
Hi Nicole! Thank you.
I would love for my three year old granddaughter to learn to speak Spanish.


Lucille Tyler Baldwin said:
I would love for my three year old granddaughter to learn to speak Spanish.

Hi Lucille,
Check out my blog at I have lessons on how to speak Spanish and French. I am currently working on my official site, I will have some more info about learning a foreign language.

Nicole Weaver

Lucille Tyler Baldwin said:
I would love for my three year old granddaughter to learn to speak Spanish.



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