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If you know someone reads your blog, and you are aggravated with that person, and really want to blog to vent do you? I mean I have a couple of people who read my blog that I want to scream at, but hold back. I even started a private blog just for moments when I don't want to hurt someone's feelings but need to just get it out. Know what I mean?

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Yes. There are things that I keep out of my blog because of who reads it. But at the same time I try not to make my blog too much about the drama in my life, I try to focus on the good stuff.
I sensor myself a lot on my blog. I don't share financial difficulties. I don't share about people online that I'm mad at. I'm not too worried about my family finding my blog, so I've said a thing or two about some of them. Even there, I'm a little cautious. I was burned when I shared too much on a message board about six months ago and now I've learned to be very careful what you say. Online it is so difficult for people to judge what you really mean, who you are, etc. I'm more worried about the people who don't really know me versus the people who really do.
I've found that the putting negative or angry stuff on your blog always comes back to wack you on the head and you attract trolls or fighting. Just not worth the mental anguish.
I watch what I say on my blog because it is closely tied to my business. I want to limit adverse reactions as much as I can.
That had to be an exciting moment!
Yes, I hold back, my MIL reads it and well, she's a PIMA, and I would love to vent more. My parents also read, so I do tend to hold back a bit, it might not last though.
My mom reads my blog and if I wouldn't say it to her...I don't put it on there. I don't blog about work and I don't knock other bloggers. I have a fairly narrow focus though so there are lots of things I don't write about merely because it doesn't really fit the focus.
I would never blog something before having a face-to-face (or at least on the PHONE, geez) conversation with the person. Attacking them or even just venting on what is basically a public soapbox is rude and disrespectful.

I once had information about a friend of mine that I wasn't even supposed to have, and I was totally uncomfortable possessing it. I couldn't tell her because I wasn't supposed to have it in the first place (and it could get me and other people fired). I vented - in an obscure manner - on my blog, because it was stressing me out. It was one sentence and I had no idea she even READ my blog, but shortly thereafter she sent me a text asking if I was referring to her. I had to fall all over myself backpedaling and making excuses. Yeah, I'm a lot more careful now.
I try not to put anything on my blog that I wouldn't say to the person directly, or say to the person first. But I've noticed that sometimes when I read other people's blog and totally disagree with their point of view, I've censored what I reply.
Oh yes I certainly do censor myself. Once I found out that my grandmother and mother were reading it and now my MIL, YES!

I found copies of my posts hidden at my mother's house. LOL
Yes I do censor myself. I try to be careful about "calling" people out or being to obvious about who I'm talking about. I try to keep my blog pretty happy and a fun read. No one really wants to read about my sleepless nights with my toddler and my exhaustion! haha. maybe mommies do? My point is...I personally dont like to read blogs that are constantly complaining about something/someone. On reviews though I do give my honest opinions. I feel its my blog and want to stay true to myself. That doesnt mean I slam the product if i dont like it. Still have to be respectful. I havent yet reviewed a product that I hate so its been easy so far!
I try not to censor myself. I use my writing journal to write about things that are extremely personal.


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