I have been thinking about this a lot lately too. I currently don't charge anything to do a giveaway. For some smaller giveaway items, I will have the company send me the product to review in addition to the giveaway and then have them ship the winner the item when the giveaway is over so I don't have to deal with shipping.

But the amount of work that goes into a giveaway can be crazy! I recently had a Giveaway Bash. It took hours of posting, gathering info, emailing back & forth with sponsors, and then promoting - LOTS of promoting, submitting, etc. I am not sure if it is protocol to charge something. How are you all doing it? How about if they are not going to send me the specific product to review then there will be a certain charge? I am still working it out. The problem is, I sometimes have very large giveaway prizes and I can't expect them to send that to me.

I would love to hear how some of you are handling your giveaway & sponsoring. I am fairly new to giveaways within the past few months. But now that I am offering giveaways, people are contacting me left & right. I am just not sure if I have the time to put into it without being compensated. What are your thoughts?

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Right now I'd be happy just to have someone want to sponsor a giveaway! We have been doing giveaways on my daughters blog just so I have something to promote and drive traffic to. We've had so much success and since we watch our stats keep climbing we keep doing them. I'm looking forward to the day when someone wants me to host a giveaway for them but I would never host one that doesn't fit in with the blog. As for having the sponsor pay maybe when I'm not such a small fish I would consider it.
this is a interesting topic, I have given a lot of thought to it. I am actually on both sides of this as a business owner and as a blogger who does reviews. I am a small business and can not afford to be paying a lot on advertising or paying to have someone host giveaways so I do believe if you start charging people there will be less giveaways being conducted. I do understand the time involved it takes and am really torn, I would love to be paid for my reviews yet as a business owner have a limited advertising budget. This really impacts the smaller businesses in particular.
p.s. I do want to add that I don't do a giveaway or review unless given product or if I already know I like the product. I think the reviewer deserves something in exchange for their review i.e. product. but I do shout outs for free all the time if I like something I want to share it. I also only do reviews if I truly love the product, if I don't I tell the company that I didn't like it. I don't want to mislead my readers and tell them something is good when it stinks. :)
I really like the fact that you are honest!
I have to say, I find this conversation interesting. I would've never even thought that people would charge for a giveaway. Hhmmm I don't have an opinion either way, just a new concept for me.
I have actually decided to limit my giveaways to 1 per week. It was just becoming way too much work for me. I am not charging as of now, especially if the company sends a complimentary sample to review. But I am now offering to Vlog about the product within the review / giveaway for a fee. It is working out well actually.
I would never charge for a giveaway. I choose who I work with (sponsors) and I require them to send the winning prize. I do this blog for fun not for profit.
Charging a fee would probably bring you less products to review or no products to review. I have never been charged a fee for a product review. People are just so happy to receive my products that it is not necessary to have to pay. The cost of shipping it and the cost of the products is expensive enough as it is

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If its something that I feel my readers can really use and would enjoy, we don't charge. However, if its a stretch, I don't feel its asking to much for a fee to host a giveaway.
Penny Pinching tv did a write up on this very topic you should take a look at her write up or view her tv show she has it on it posted on her blog.

I"m new to blogging so I've not entered the giveaway pr market yet. HOpefully my time will be soon. thanks for asking a great question
The company hosting the giveaway is helping you entice visitors to visit your site and recommend it to their friends, so it is a win, win situation for the blogger and the sponsor. I do feel that the sponsor should pay for shipping.
I don't charge for giveaways. I've found that doing giveaways gets more readers/follower/subscribers to my blog. (Although I've only done a couple.) If you do a review AND a giveaway, it's really great because you're getting a free product out of it AND bringing traffic to your blog. Last month I did a cloth diaper review/giveaway and I got a free cloth diaper out of it! A $18 value!

Down the road, I think I will charge for doing JUST a review- but not if they also do a giveaway.




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