Do you get discouraged because other bloggers "Do it better than you do?"

My brain is just churning these past few days with thoughts, ideas, and doubts about my blogging. I first started blogging several years ago, very casually, never really being consistent or putting too much thought into it. It was just a fun little hobby. Obviously, I didn't have very many readers at all (not that I do now, either!). I literally knew NOTHING except how to publish a post.

Fast forward some time, and I've come to the realization that blogging is really something I want to DO with my life. I'm trying to learn more and more, (and there is SO much to learn) about all aspects of blogging, technical, business, networking, quality writing, etc.

However, I find myself getting discouraged at times. My first blog was a coupon/deal blog. I still have it, but it's not doing very well. It needs a lot of work, work that I am willing to do. But when I look at all the "popular" or "successful" coupon/deal/frugal living blogs, I want to just toss my hands up and say "Why bother?" These blogs are already so great, there is really no need for my blog, and I'll never do it as well as they do!

Then I have my "personal" blog, which is a whole other post! LOL

I would love to hear some other voices on this topic! Has this happened to you? How do you deal with it? Any advice for me?

Thanks, guys!

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I haven't read through the other posts but please don't believe that all those other blogs/sites are doing as well as you think. It's just very important that you make your site/blog your own and do something that stands out from the rest.

I have a few sites/blogs but I'll talk about my weight loss/fitness blog for this topic. I sometimes get discouraged that I don't have as many comments as I would LIKE to have BUT I know I am helping others by sharing my story, I do have a good readership AND I'm making money (this blog is part of my business). I have a very specific niche focus (women over 35 who want to lose 100+ lbs) and knowing who I need to reach helps. Of course those aren't the only people who visit my blog but it's good to dig down and choose something to focus on.

My best advice is if this is something you really want to do, then go for it. And don't worry about anyone but yourself.
I try not to think about those things. I know that might sound silly but the way I am I would get too stressed out. I visit blogs regularly and try to learn as much as I can along the way, and I try to gear my blog toward honesty with my posts, things I love and if others love them that's great for me but I don't worry anymore if someone is doing better than I am. I wish them the best of luck and love reading them, I'm here and I blog because I love it! My success will be measured in time and putting pressure on me to be best at it won't help with my writing. Just keep moving forward, be proud of yourself for all you've accomplished and read read read and learn as you go.
No I don't. At first I did but many people told me and I also read it on other blog tips to be yourself. If we were all the same, blogging would be really lame. I like to see things others do, see whats possible on others blogs, get ideas, but do something completely different. I know when it comes to writing, I look at mine like "its ordinary" but others love it!. SO I have to keep my own personality and character in it to seperate me from others. Thats kinda how I look at it. Just keep searching, keep reading, keep doing what you do, keel learning and you will be at the top soon!

my blog is just about baking. ive thought the same thing but i love having a portfolio of the things I made.

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