Once in a while, I am invited to an event to review on my blog.

One event was a convention - booth - style thing...and a few of the "booths" asked for my business card (when they saw my media tag).

Does anyone have a business card for their blog? What would you/do you put as your title (i.e. head blogger, founder, owner?)?

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I do have cards, but they only have my web address-- I should totally add twitter, e-mail etc. Good points!
I do, and I need to get more. My initial cards came for free--I upgraded to Flickr Pro and received free business cards from Moo. The free ones I got were about half the height of a normal business card, and the type on the back is a little too small, but they're fun things to hand out when I talk to people about knitting (since my blog's about fiber arts). For the picture on the front, I used the picture that's in my blog header, so there's a visual tie between the two:

Blog header 061708

I don't really worry about a title, although my husband and I joked about a couple options. I think we settled on, "Creator, Owner, and Head Writer." :-)
Vistaprint does an excellent job with cards. I made mine with the title, Writer and Editor. Listing my blog along with email and phone number. I use it as a freelance business card.

I'm about to place an order for some moo cards for purely promotional cards for the blog alone where I won't put my name.
I have a business card. I love having them on hand. My title is Founder and Contributor.

Here is what my front and back looks like:

I have a simple card that I designed myself (with my EXTREMELY limited artistic skills).
On the back is the web address to my central site that shows all my writing samples and links to my resume and blogs. On the front is my name and all the addresses to the many blogs I either write or contribute to. I went for cute and personal rather than plain and businesslike. I printed them out at home using Avery business card stock. It was SO cheap to do and they really look great.

I always make sure to have my cards on hand in case I run into people I know who want to know what I'm up to or if I go to blogger type events. In fact, I'm going to an SF BlogHer event soon, I'd better print up some more!

Not yet but I definitely need some for BlogHer! Any suggestions on where to get some besides Vista?
Christine Koh from and does wonderful work!
I have MiniCards from MOO. They're fantastic...creative and casual, yet professional at the same time.
Jinnerver noted the minicards from moo had a small font. Stephanie - do you agree?
I don't yet, but I've heard them recommended by other successful bloggers, and I think I'll be getting some soon, hopefully!
I don't yet but I've been wanting to get some ordered. I've just been debating on what company to go through.
Wow! what a great idea!






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