It's 9 days until Christmas and I have so much to do. It's a bit overwhelming actually. My husband is sick, I still have a cold, my three-year-old is starting a cough, I just found out I have gestational diabetes and now I'm reminded that Christmas is next week. Are you as stressed as me?

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Yes, I was done the day after Thanksgiving. Gotta love online shopping!
NOOOOOO!!!!!! Not at all, and really not motivated to even do it... everyone might get coal this year!
Yes and no. I have to make a purchase tomorrow when my check clears and fill in a few stocking stuffers, otherwise all done.
I have all of my shopping done. I learned quickly that I hate the holiday crowds so I buy my presents a little throughout the year. I try to buy a toy every pay day for b-day and or Christmas so I always have a pile in my closet. I love doing it this way!
Hi there,
Take it from me, a woman that has gone through excessive trial; a mom that was single with five children just four years ago and now a happily married to a pastor.
One Thanksgiving, my daughter and myself had whooping cough. We were at the emergency ward that Thanksgiving Evening while my oldest son stayed home and watched the other children. We had the severe cough until the beginning of February. What I would like to say in all of this is that your life is in the Lord's hand and that sickness is beyond control. Let go and Let God is a wonderful saying, but one that holds true. There is nothing you can do to change your situation and what you need now is rest. Perhaps someone will see your need and help out with baking. You still have over a week for Christmas. Perhaps this will be a new and different tradition that you could implement into your life and have gifts a different day and watch Christmas movies, eat soup, snuggle on the couch, look at Christmas books if your children are young. They will never foget this holiday. Even hard times can be remembered as the best times.
Last week, we had a severe ice storm and I was having a women's tea at my small home of 15 women. I did not know if I was even going to be able to put this function on in my home till the morning of the party. I was no sure if women would come and I had done so much decorating, preparation food and still had many preparations. Fifteen women came, some brought their hair dryers and curling irons to finish their hair at my home. Many did not bring food and you know what?
Many women told me how much it meant to them. I heard laughing and joy. Everything was supposed to end at 4:30pm and most ladies left at 6:00. There was nothing I could have done about the electricity, the lack of water and heat, the ice and broken tree limbs. The day turned out the way the Lord wanted.
Take heart, and be blessed for just life itself
Don't remind me! I've got a few things and a few more to get. I'm just happy that the big present finally got delivered today!
I am so proud of myself. I got all of my shopping done already. Usually I am running out on Christmas Eve. I think i have everything I need. Wrapping paper, tape, gifts, all of my online orders have been received. I am sure I will remember something at the last second that I forgot.
Just a few things to get. I'm going out today to finish that. Then, I've got lots and lots of wrapping to get done!
I am still not quite done yet, but have a list and am doing one thing at a time :)
It's now officially Dec. 23, but barely. Just past midnight. I have all my shopping done, and almost all of my wrapping except for 5 gifts. However, my husband, the procrastinator, expects me to go out and get something for his parents. I have no idea what to get them! He doesn't want it to be a gift card, but he has no ideas. How does he expect me to get something? He's known them 46 years, and I have only known them 6, so why do I have to go out and get the gift? I finished my shopping early for a reason. He didn't help me pick out my mom's gifts!

Sorry. Just a little venting there. Technically, yes, I've been finished shopping for over a week. I'm still waiting on one box to come in. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
I actually just finished my shopping yesterday - the 22nd! It was so late this year trying to get stuff done. Well, gifts are done. Food I still have to shop for. WOW.
Well, I wouldnt say as stressed, but stressed enough. I just now got my shopping done. I dont have everything wrapped though. I try to do my shopping throughout the year. So if I see something on clearance, or have the money to get something during the year, I do, so I dont have to go through the worries of trying to get everything last minute. The day after christmas is a wonderful time to start for the next year.


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