Do you like watching movies or want to know if something is worth seeing or not?

Hello MBC:


My name is Katy and I have a blog with my movie reviews called Tired of Previews?


My history: I have been a fan of movies forever and recently wrote a couple of scripts, and even a memoir where I discuss my obsession with movies when I was trying to adopt my children and then going through open heart surgery (working on getting that published now). So after all that happened, kids and my recovery, I decided I wanted to be a part of the movie process in any way I could. Still trying to get my scripts sold, too, but I started my blog in order to learn more about scripts and viola my blog was created. Now I am in love with reviewing movies and sharing my thoughts.


What sets me or my reviews apart from other movie reviews is simple: I don't want to spoil the story for anyone like how many previews or other reviews do these days. Check out my site to see how I explain my reviews. Don't forget to check my category: About this blog.

Yes, I am a mom and I see a lot of kid movies and from time to time I include what my kids think of the movies. However, I see all types of genres.


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to get me latest review. I would love feedback as well. Can't wait to meet everyone!!





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