Just wanted get your take on it.

Some believe it's a legitimate way to earn an income for those who appeal to this type of business. It  can free moms up who have children to be able to stay at home, and work on their business as a side job, while taking care of their children.

Others think it's the Devil's scheme to trap millions into the Get-Rich-Quick circus parade. Where huge start up investments and lack of committed referrals in your "downline" often lead people jaded, disgruntled, and discouraged from ever wanting to try again (or support anyone else they know wanting to start an MLM business opportunity.)

Personally, I think MLM's are grossly misunderstood, and people have a lot of misconceptions about what they really are. Multi-Level Marketing is not be confused with the popular "Pyramid Scheme". Though both are similar in structure. The "pyramid" structure is actually the way that about 90% of all businesses and corporations operate in America and throughout the world. McDonalds, Walmart, Verizon... they all have the owner/president, then ceo's, then so on and so forth, down to the very bottom, where the starting wage employees are considered the very 'legs" of the company.

I think the #1 reason why people get mislead is because their unrealistic expectations. If a company is promising you millions is just a few short months, for signing up with them, paying their x amount start-up and membership fees, and simply following their "foul-proof" system of x, y, z, to get people underneath you, then you may want to back away slowly.

However, If you are an individual who is a people-person, doesn't mind "selling" or reaching out to people, going into homes, or inviting people over, or getting paid on commission scales (just like any other real "sales" job) then these types of business may be right up your alley. Does The Pampered Chef or Mary Kay sound familiar to you??

Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter. I myself do MLM, but the few companies I work with are 100% FREE. No start-up costs. No membership fees. You work at your own pace, and earn as much as the effort you put in. (I only do FREE things nowadays..) And I think they're great for 1st timers, just wanting to try referral marketing out and see if it's something they might like, without losing ANY MONEY if they decide it's not right for them. No products you have to purchase.. or sell.

The highest-paying one I've found is The Daily Income Network. This is an online, work-from-home that I use.. and for a company that doesn't require any money or monthly fees, I think this one is the best.. Any others you wanna share? Feel free :)

Thanks for your input,


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Very Lovely Article Jackie, I see myself in you : )

I currently use Click Bank

Im Lovin it : )

Very Lovely Article Jackie, I see myself in you : )

I currently use Click Bank

Im Lovin it : )


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