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I'm not a fan of "resolutions", however I would like to make some changes to my blog in the new year. Do you have any plans to change your blog style, or blog frequency, for the new year?

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I plan to change my blog header and colors.
I set my '09 blog plan last week. First up, I'm having DCR Design and Desperately Seeking WordPress install a new WP theme with a custom header and background. (They do great work at very reasonable prices!)
I'm struggling with this right now. I want to organize my blog better and have more focused and interesting posts but I feel overwhelmed by it all. My brain is not letting me brain storm on this. It's like I have a mental block.

I would love to have a new blog design. Our family just doesn't have the $$$ right now.

Well, I do want to declutter. I try to keep things to a minimum, but I am feeling layout cramped at the moment. As for posting, I want to go back to my 3-4 times a week posting schedule, it's just getting harder the closer I get to giving birth. But I can dream:)
I might,if i find a theme that i really, really like!
I did change mine today. Not sure if I like it or not. Have to see if it grows on me or not.
I would like to update my blog's look and maybe actually cut myself some slack on my whole "gotta post every day" mentality...
I changed my header/layout colors, i might do that monthly because i'm neurotic like that. I'm going to instill a weekend's off or just Saturday's off campaign, to breathe, and catch up!
(1) On the whole, I think my content is good but I want to work on making it great.

(2) Work on reciprocating comments and visiting other blogs.

I just changed my layout last night!! :)
I just changed my design a few months ago and I'm still loving it but I do need to do some housecleaning and put all my awards and book review and recipes in their places on the sidebar. I've also been working on an About Me page that I really need to complete. I'm happy with my style of writing and blogging schedule though.
I actually just did a major overhaul on my blog within the last couple of weeks and have gotten back into blogging frequently. I took a kind of hiatus when I got a second job. Template was old, and thought upgrading to Wordpress 2.7 was going to give me a brain hemorrhage (it was sooo easy, though), so it took me even longer to start blogging again.

My goals for this coming year is a lot more interaction, giveaways, meaningful content, and interviews. Hopefully this will be the best year yet for readership.
I have plans to be more consistent with my posts and add scheduled posts to help me with that goal. I purchased a new theme for one of my blogs so will install that soon.


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