Hey there everyone-
I'm new to this site so first off, hello! I'm working on launching my blog in the next two months and am working through all the details right now.

I was curious if you guys use real names of your significant others and kids on your blog or not and why?

I'm debating on it. My blog's name is Adventuroo (about outdoor activities with kids and our travels) and so I was thinking my oldest son could be Big Roo and then my baby (due in March) will be Baby or Lil Roo. Hubby would be Daddy Roo. I still feel like I should use my own name just for credibility's sake so I wonder if having code names for the rest of the fam is a moot point! But part of me just wants to use their real names so I'm torn!

Anyway, what do you guys do and why?


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Well when I blog I have never used my son's name. I may have used my husband's name from time to time without thinking. But at the moment I raeealy blog about them anyway, since I have a writing blog and blog about fitness and such on BlogHer. If & when I do start my "mommy/family" blog i don't plan on using my son's name, and I may or may not use my husband's name. I'm just a bit paranoid about sharing too much information online. It's bad enough that I'm on this whole social networking kick and now share way more info online than I ever would have dreamed of a year ago. So I try to keep whatever info private that I can without being plain boring. My suggestion would be to use nicknames and whenever possible don't share your last name online.
Thanks for the replies everyone! I think I'm gonna stick with nicknames and see how confused I get. LOL.
Yes, but I don't post photos of any of them except me in my profile pic.
I think if you use photos, you should NOT use real names.
If there are no photos, real names are okay.
I don't use any real names besides my first name. I don't even use nicknames, because personaly I think they can turn people or confuse people a little. I'm good with "hubby, son. daugher, younger daughter...etc. This is just my personal opinion. I'm not one for "cutesy" stuff....but that's just me.

I use mine, but I'll use nick names for other people. I only have my name in a couple places- usually I'm sushicookie.
I use my name (it's the name of my site), but I refer to my family in the general sense: my son, my daughter, my husband. I have read about the dangers of putting too many details about family in a blog. Check out my blog when yours is up because my theme is similiar -travel, reviews, advice, and kid issues-http://www.susanchapmanfobes.blogspot.com. I hope this helps.
Hi Melissa,

Sorry to just be reading this so late. This is a very good question in my opinion. I, too, struggled with this for my family blog. I've been blogging for almost 3 years now and for the first year and a half I had never even given it any thought; that is until I noticed on a fellow blogger friends site how she always had 'nick names' for her kids which were very cute. Your nicknames sound just as cute too.

The reason I decided to take my kids 'real' names off of our site is because we've gotten to be better friends with some of our neighbors and we also live within one block from the Elementary school where there was a kidnapping attempt last year. My emails have my blog link attached to them so when I send out those funny type of emails that family or friends send out I usually forward them just like everyone else does. I didn't realize, at the time, that I was also giving everyone (including my neighbors and daughters teachers) all our personal family information just by me adding my blog link to my signature. So I stopped with the blog link to my email thing, but then went a step further and decided to just play it safe and remove our kids real names and go with nicknames. The biggest pain was having to go back through all the old posts I had and change their names to the new names. So on that note my biggest advice would be to know for sure which way you want to go before you spend a long time blogging with real names and all of a sudden decide to play anonymous.

It was actually pretty fun to think of their names. I picked 'Jewel' for my daughter because she is like a precious stone to me, and my son's nickname is a little silly....it's 'Mr. Happy'....but seriously that's just what 'came' to me because he truly is a very happy little boy and it generates to everyone he's around. My husband said that his nickname sounds like a dogs name but I told him to kiss it!!! :D He never even cares about my blogging anyway (except to say 'Get off that darn laptop!') so his input for a nickname was not asked for. LOL!!!!

To me I think it's a personal choice if you decide to go with real names or nicknames. But I say it's always better to play it safer than to be sorry. You never fully know with the Internet and what personal information can be learned about another one, but the same is true even if you do go with nicknames. Hackers are real so just play it safe online either way you choose to go.

However, it's funny though because I use my kids real names on social network sites like this and Facebook when I probably shouldn't be doing that either, probably not even more so; YIKES!!!

I try not to. I go by Mommy-Momo. I usually call my husband hubby. Every once in awhile I'll slip up with his name. and for our toddler we call him "EASY" or "EC" his nickname. I do worry about safety and people knowing to much info so this make me feel more comfortable.
For my kids I only use their first letter i.e. "C" and "M". I do not think I've ever used my husbands name either...I just call him "my hubby" when I speak of him. While I adore all my followers you never know who is privately following that could be a weirdo. Better to be safe than sorry.
Hi, I don't really use names at all, I call my children my little ones, and mu husband just husband.

I don't think it is right to use names. It is just a personal view and preference.

Check my blog,

I use our real names. I just try to blog honestly without pinpointing our location...You might checkout a cool blog using aliases Unknownmami.blogspot.com

Good luck! Let me know when you are set up and I will follow. Come over and see mine at www.geeneva.blogspot.com
Wow guys... thanks again for all the wonderful replies! I like the idea of using the aliases for cuteness and privacy's sake so now I just have to get my darn blog up! I'm a marketer at heart (that's what I do in my day job) so I'm probably overthinking it. LOL. I hope to have in up next month and I'll let everyone know when it's up and running!


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