Hey there everyone-
I'm new to this site so first off, hello! I'm working on launching my blog in the next two months and am working through all the details right now.

I was curious if you guys use real names of your significant others and kids on your blog or not and why?

I'm debating on it. My blog's name is Adventuroo (about outdoor activities with kids and our travels) and so I was thinking my oldest son could be Big Roo and then my baby (due in March) will be Baby or Lil Roo. Hubby would be Daddy Roo. I still feel like I should use my own name just for credibility's sake so I wonder if having code names for the rest of the fam is a moot point! But part of me just wants to use their real names so I'm torn!

Anyway, what do you guys do and why?


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I use real names for my family, but generally give nicknames or simply don't use names for anyone else who might star in the blog on a particular day.
I have gone back and forth, wavering on this issue myself. I don't use their real names. In fact, I don't even really have nicknames, I simply refer to them by their age, or stage (infant, toddler) and I hate it. However, because everyone knows my first and last name, and where we're stationed, I'm afraid to take it further and put their first names out there. But I've been blogging for so long without nicknames, I don't know if adding nicknames now will be futile or not.
I was using our real names but after reading this I changed to my daughter's nickname. I think it's safer!
I use real names. I would feel weird talking about my family,the people I love and cherish and use a different name. My children are grown . I think I would use a nickname for any young children.
I don't use anyone's name, except my name is listed on the "about me" page. Otherwise I write in first person, and write "my daughter, my son, my husband, etc." It does sound fun to give them nicknames, maybe I'll think about that!
I'm just not comfortable with using the kids names, its a personal thing and though I choose to let people into my life with my blog, I choose how far to let them in and using the kids names isn't something I like to do. I use my own real first name and real life nickname, but the husband is "the hub" and the kids are "Boug" and "Lil' Buddy." I don't think I'd ever use their names on the site.
I do not mention anyone by name in my blog. I have thought about using nicknames, but it hasn't become an issue for me, yet. I'm new to blogging and to remain somewhat anonymous allows me to really express myself. I've only given a couple friends my blog link and no one in my family has seen it. Becoming comfortable with others reading my posts has helped build my confidence, so I know, eventually, I will share it with those in my life. I feel like it is my choice to write and put myself out there, but that I will respect my children and husband's privacy by eventually coming up with nicknames, should my writing require it.

I do not use my family's names on my blogs, either on my blog page or if I blog through FB or MS. I only use them if it's something positive. Same goes with my friends. And usually, I don't even use their names then. People can be extremely petty, and I've even blogged about things without using anyone's name at all and had my MIL call my husband to tell him that I needed to keep quiet about things on the internet! And it wasn't even completely about her.

If I am talking about my immediate family or friends, I try to be discreet as well. I don't live giving out my son's name or husband's becasue if someone has my last name, it is too easy to access other personal information. I would say be really careful if you do use your family's name or just use an alias. My son is "D" online except on FB b/c typically I only have people on FB that I know, and my settings are very restrictive. On my blogger site or other public sites, never.

Good luck w/your blog!
I use my kids names, my blog started off as a place for me to vent and mainly just my family and friends read it...plus I don't think I would be capable of remembering to use their "blog" names all the time LOL
I use my real name because of business, but I don't use family names, ages, or photo's.
I used to use my kids' real names because I was just updating for family and friends. Now that I am trying to expand viewers I have changed to nicknames just for safetys sake. I still use my husband's and my real name. The nicknames you have picked are super cute.


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