Hey there everyone-
I'm new to this site so first off, hello! I'm working on launching my blog in the next two months and am working through all the details right now.

I was curious if you guys use real names of your significant others and kids on your blog or not and why?

I'm debating on it. My blog's name is Adventuroo (about outdoor activities with kids and our travels) and so I was thinking my oldest son could be Big Roo and then my baby (due in March) will be Baby or Lil Roo. Hubby would be Daddy Roo. I still feel like I should use my own name just for credibility's sake so I wonder if having code names for the rest of the fam is a moot point! But part of me just wants to use their real names so I'm torn!

Anyway, what do you guys do and why?


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It's like having a pen name when you write a book. On my blog and on my family blog...i don't use my children's real names. My family/friends know who i am referring too. we only have 2 kids. I only referr to my husband as DH (darling Husband).
This is a tough one and one that you'll probably find about 50/50 on. I do use our own names. Debated not. But, decided like most others, that it was more personable. I think it's up to you and your personal feelings. :)
I do not use my kids' real names. I just refer to them as my oldest, my middle, and my youngest son. I do use my own real, first name, but not our last.
OH, one blog I read uses just the first letter for their kids' names. I like that. Another blog I read uses silly nicknames and I find it really irritating.
I do not use real names for my children and I try to avoid using my last name online at all.

I don't know if someone else mentioned this, but you might want to rethink using Baby Roo because you might still be blogging when they are not a baby anymore!

I've seen lots of nicknames used and it doesn't bother me as a reader. I do find it helpful if the nicknames used let me know if the child is a boy or girl.
So true re: baby roo! I think I'm gonna use Big Roo and Lil Roo or something like that. I want to keep it easy for me to type. I also thought about their first initial and then roo, like N-Roo and G-Roo but that gets hard to type and kinda looks weird!
Hi there,

I have been having this same dilemma. Somehow I find it difficult to write if I don't use real names. It doesn't sound authentic to me even though everyone else would be none-the-wiser. I have come up with a compromise - I use real names with approval and write things which could not be viewed as negative or I write with real names and go back and change them afterwards. If I don't do this it upsets the flow. I will be following you and would love to have some feedback from you too. I am hoping to build a steady body of advice/feedback as opposed to numbers and I like your page.


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