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I am trying to learn how to do the whole "vlogging" thing but I'm not very good at it. Do you have some tips on vlogging that you could share?
If you have the time take a look at my four minute vlog that I just
posted and leave me a comment stating your opinion and what I could do


The Healthy Moms Editor Unscripted (vlog post)

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Hi Cascia,

First of all, good on you for being brave enough to do video! My first suggestion is to stop telling your readers how awful you are. They read your blog because they love you ~ they don't want to hear you put yourself down. :)

The video itself will look better if you get more even with your camera. Right now the angle is a little odd. I've also found that if you put the camera higher you look better (I notice my neck doesn't look quite as fat lol)

I suggest if vlogging is really something you're interested in give yourself a challenge ~ say create a video every day for 30 days ~ and then see what you think. How is your traffic, how is your audience relating to it etc.

Gideon Shalwick is a FANTASTIC vlogger and he teaches you how to do it as well. All good stuff at his site.

I'm new to video as well, but I have found it gets much better/easier as you do it more often. You get more comfortable with the process etc.

I would suggest having some ideas in your head when you start. I like to create a bit of an outline in my head of what I want to talk about. That way I actually say something and don't just talk in circles (which I've been known to do)

Can't wait to see how this goes for you ~ if you need anything just let me know. :)
Hi Cascia!
I can tell after a few more tries, you'll be more comfortable. The first few vlogs are always hard! Kudos to you for trying. Some key tips to make vlogging fun for you!

1. Keep it short. Keep making Vlogs. The more you do the better you'll get! 2 minutes max.
2. Get to your point quickly (in video viewers expect you to get to the point immediately)
3. Raise your computer a bit higher, you're talking down at it :-)
4. Smile and be goofy, I can tell you're very personable and your viewers want to see that!
5. Visit to get some other great vloggin technical tips to help you out!

Good luck! Have fun. Don't give up!

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT
Founder, www.TheGoToMom.TV
Author of books, "The Internet Mommy" and "The Go-To Mom's Parents' Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children"
I think you are on the right track with wanting to use vlogging to connect with your readers on a different levels. I have found that vlogging really helps people get a feel for you in a way that they don't through your writing. I use a flip video camera to film all of my vlogs and while I am no expert I have learned a few things from my vlogging:

1. Keep the length short. People are more likely to watch videos that are short and to the point. I have a problem with rambling so this is something that I strive to work on for each vlog that I make.
2. I write out a short outline for what I want to talk about and tape it up near the camera just in case I get off track for more in depth topics and with more informal topics and vlogs I try to at least do a quick mental run through before I record anything. This also helps me keep the length manageable.
3. Don't be afraid to film multiple takes to make sure you get a vlog you are happy with.

Good luck with your vlogging, it really does get easier with each vlog you make.
I haven't yet, but I have read some articles about it, particularly at 5 minutes for mom. I started a discussion on this same topic either at blogfrog or one of my sites. I guess I need to be more organized about that! LOL I'm curious to see the responses you get. I don't like myself on camera - that's the main reason I haven't taken the leap yet.
Thank you for all your tips, suggestions and for watching my little video. I will keep all of these in mind when I do the next one!
I do vlog and one thing that has helped me get more comfortable is participating in the Monday Mingle Vlog by Also, Extraordinary Mommy has lots of vlogs on tips about vlogging!
My best advice for vlogging is to just be yourself. I've done one so far and I love it. The whole point of a vlog is to let your readers see the real you.
Good tips on here, i could use some help with my vlogging too!!
Thanks for starting this thread!

OMG, I'm a dinosaur (actually, I'm only 28, but I am SO unhip it's shocking) - until yesterday, I thought vlogging meant "voice blogging."
Good for you for trying this. I vlog over at

I like my Playsport for it so I can roam around and chat at same time. Also I try - I'm not great yet either_ to just talk to my readers. That's all. Get comfortable with the concept and practice and just talk to one reader you have in mind. I prefer the shorter vlogs myself and I make sure I am feeling kind of dressed for it. Good hair and decent makeup most of the time.
Yes, I agree with Robyn..

Robyns Online World said:
I do vlog and one thing that has helped me get more comfortable is participating in the Monday Mingle Vlog by Also, Extraordinary Mommy has lots of vlogs on tips about vlogging!
I left you a message on your blog. You did an awesome job and I love it.


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