Do you write blogs that people ACTUALLY want to read?

Last month, I found myself unemployed with babes in arm, living a slow and
confusing day-to-day existence as a reluctant housewife wondering how I
went from life in the fast lane to a baggy t-shirt wearing
stay-at-home-mom who often forgets to brush her teeth in the morning.
What I did know was I love to write and take pretty pictures so
maintaining a blog seemed like a good way of getting myself out of bed
each day to face the world, albeit a virtual world, and continue
plugging away at my passions whether or not there was an end goal in
site (this was truly a typo but I decided not to fix my unintentional

Little did I know, the blogging world has evolved into a completely new monster from when I had last left it, a rat race of link-ups and badge
exchanges and every blog seemingly bursting at the seams with 1000+
followers. All of a sudden, I felt like I was grossly late to the party
and had no idea where to start, no idea on how I could possibly get
people—not just family and friends but also (gasp!) complete
strangers—interested in what I wanted to say. Sure, I could just keep a
private account of my life as a new mother and go through the whole
woe-is-me phase again but this time around, I wanted some
accountability (to make sure I, uh, get out of bed each morning) and
maybe make a few new mommy friends I can shoot the breeze with online
while I'm at it.

I jumped on the bandwagon as fast as my bandwidth would allow me and
scrolled through countless blogs (regardless of content relevance and
quality) and made countless more useless comments on people’s posts in
hopes that the backlinks will drive traffic to my site. Instead of
writing quality niche blog posts about the topics I truly cared about,
I was spending the majority of my time doing mind-numbing (and quite
tedious!) work to promote my blog, sending all the troops out and
leaving the precious home base pretty high and dry. A month after the
inception of my blog, I realize with much trial and error that while
some promotion is still necessary here and there to keep your blog
visibility up within related networks and communities, the easier,
faster, and more rewarding way of getting people to your site and
keeping them there is to—are you ready for this—have them actually want
to read what you write. Okay, I can hear the heavy groans and see the
eyes roll because I might be preaching to the choir but here are some
things to consider, that I want to consider, as I enter the second
month of The real L.A. story.

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So how do you retain readership?

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