Hi all - I've been blogging since late last year and my site only gets an average of 150 hits per day. I JUST joined Twitter. Do you find Twitter helps to increase your readership? If so, any tricks or tips?



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I completely feel that Twitter helps with blog readership! I have about 4400 followers on Twitter and everytime I post a link to a new blog, I get several comments on it. Since being on Twitter, my sitemeter has been tearing it up!

Of course, if you never use Twitter and don't really establish yourself or your personality, it might not work as well.

Good luck!

I found twitter has helped. I host a lot of giveaways and I tweet about them. I also check out others sites because of tweets they posted that I found interesting. I followed as many people as I could as now I also have many followers, there are free tweet programs you can google that will find you similar people to follow on twitter or just find a favorite person and follow everyone they are!
Yes- as long as you join in the conversation. It is not enough to join, follow people, and post blog links. You need to interact with people- comment on their tweets and get to know people. Your blog readership will skyrocket!
I agree. I saw my stats nearly double when I began using Twitter.
Absolutely! Being a member and participating in social networking sites like twitter and FB is going to help galvanize a following to your blog. On twitter, be descriminating about who you follow. Find peole in your niche who would be interested in reading and leaving comments on your blog and who would spread the word about your blog. On twitter, it's still quality not quantity i.e. better to have 500 followers who you can develop rapport and a relationship with rather than 5000 followers who you can't keep up with and thus have trouble communicating with.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm SO Twitter illiterate.

Although as far as finding people to actually follow me, do I go directly to Twitter, follow them and ask for them to do the same?
Yes it does! You can use to automatically tweet your blog posts to your Twitter account, too.
My blogging partner and I are likewise new to Twitter, and since we are not tech geniuses even with two brains in the pot, it has been a slight adjustment, to say the least. I've been trying to find similar blogs to follow and tweeters to tweet, and I'm beginning to feel like a bona fide stalker. I have checked out your blog, which is hilarious (and congrats on the nomination!), and have added it to our blog list that has no rhyme nor reason relative to the rest of our blog. I also signed up to follow you on Twitter so you have another follower! Feel free to follow us, too (lucyandethel09), and we newbies can tiptoe through Twittertown together. If it's any consolation, you will never be the most Twitter-illiterate one at the party....

The Tweetfeed sounds neat, but some of our posts are rather lengthy. Not sure anyone would want that clogging up their tweet field, or however that works.

Off to check out a few more of these blogs because otherwise, I'd need to clean a toilet!

I found twitter does not work until you start to put yourself out there. Not just your posts and giveaway announcements, you'll need to participate in a party or MNO at least once to get to know some people
Yes! After I tweet a link I get a few comments and click-thrus. Use to share links, so you can see how many people clicked on your link.

Like everyone else here you have to participate in the discussion. Just start following people & they will follow you back. Go check out the twitter group here and follow them. Follow the people that are recommended on Fridays during Follow Friday.

There is a learning curve to Twitter, but one day it will just click and you will get it!

I've also noticed a jump in visitors to my site after I joined Twitter. I think that you need to interact and participate, not just self-promote or you won't get any respect.

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