Mommy told the Dog Pack Snack lady what kind of treats we like and we waited for our package. When we got the package mommy opened it and found a sample of almost all of their treats. Mommy was a little skeptical with some of them because they aren't treats we normally are allowed to eat. Like meat Jerky 'cause Indiana usually gets an upset tummy from that and so I have to suffer. But mommy decided much to our delight that since they were sent we should try them so we could give our honest opinion about it all even if it upset our tummies.


Well guess what we ate every last treat with no tummy upsets. Mommy wanted us to tell you that she tried to use the webcam to film us eating treats but it was really grainy and all we wanted was to eat the treats. She did take pictures of us eating them but you couldn't tell we had any treats in our mouths because we snatched them up too quickly and she forgot to take pictures when we had big pieces to taste.  We thought the Banana Boats were the best treat we have ever eaten ok so it was one of our favorites and so were the Peanut Butter Teds. We told mommy we want more Banana Boats.


Dog Pack Snacks is offering one of our readers $15 worth of Assorted Dog Treats!!!


To enter visit us at

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