Ever have a person enter your giveaway - where you have required they blog or tweet links as a bonus entry -- and when you check their "blog" and twitter account - both look fake or mocked up just for contests....appear to be spammers? If so, what have you done? 


I had a person do this, and posted multiple comments for the entries (and did not follow instructions) so I had to delete a few comments and email "her" to clarify the entry vs bonus entries). My giveaway ends Monday 3/8, so I need help from a few of you seasoned Giveaway Gals!

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Hi there,

I get people who have "blogs" just for contest entries and twitter accounts just to tweet entries all the time. The only reason I haven't made a note that contest entry only blogs and twitter accounts is because many of these folks have followers, so at least someone else might be seeing the opportunity and coming to my blog for the first time.

But I think it is ok to disqualify them if and only if you have stated in your rules that their blog and twitter accounts have to be used for more than just posting contests. Otherwise, they haven't really broken any rules.
Thanks for your response! That was along my lines of thinking - too late to disqualify them now, since I didn't think about/state that up front. This particular person's blog has no followers, no counter -- not sure if the public has ever seen it. She does have twitter followers but they all look like other prof. bloggers & companies who may have held prior giveaways

Thanks for the advice!
Yes, alot of people do that! I verify everything. Every single entry and if it is from a spammer I remove them.
i have had a person give me emails that didnt exist and i just over look them and pick another winner

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