Fatherz of February Photo Contest: Win $50 Trader Joe's Gift Card!!!!

Fatherz of February Contest! Win a $50 Trader Joe's Gift Card

Starting today we will be taking your photo submissionz for our Fatherz of February contest! We know you all have super cute Daddy & Kidz pics and we want to see them!!! And guess what? The cutest pic submitter will actually win something!!!! YAY!!!! You know you LOVE free shizzzzz!

In honor of my Trader Joe’s OBSESSION (please see the yumtastic recipe to follow), and your never ending need to put dinner on the table, we will be giving away a $50 Trader Joe’s Gift Card to the winner!!!

Starting February 1st we will showcase one new Super Daddy pic a day throughout the month. Then on March 1st we will select and announce the winner!

What to do:

1. Send a photo, names & ages, and a brief description of what’s going on in the pic to submissionz@eazilyamuzed.com That’s it! Eazy peezy.


1. It must be your hubster / significant other & kid/z. No just finding any cute kidz and dude walking along the highway and snapping a pic (Why are these cute kidz and dude walking along the highway? I don’t know, but how rude of you to just take their picture and not offer to help)… Or hiring a model replacement for your hairy animal, I mean hubby… Hey, I don’t put anything past any one of you cheeky monkeys! This is a Trader Joe’s Gift Card we’re talkin’ about here!


It entirely up to our own standards of cuteness that the winner will be selected. We reserve the right to select which ever pic we deem the BESTEST ’cause that’s just how we run this town.

Super Daddyz Contest

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