The summer is slowly but surely winding down. 

What have been your favorite summer memories so far this year?

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I sat down this summer and played a video game with my children. All three of them 17.14,6. We all played little Big Planet 1, 2 and 3. We had so much fun laughing and giving our little poppets voices. It will be one I remember forever. 

Oh, that sounds wonderful. Little Big Planet is so fun!

Wow, hard to sum this one up! Let's see, had one month of being kid free, so my husband and I drove to Asheville, North Carolina for an awesome weekend getaway. Once my tween returned, along with my college aged son, we would play games during the evenings. We laughed so much during those evenings and had so much fun! I will definitely remember those evenings, using them as mood boosters once my son returns to school in 2 days!

Asheville is gorgeous. Did you eat at one of their fabulous restaurants. It's hard to believe that it's such a foodie town. 

Family time is always so much fun! 

Playing flashlight tag!! All summer long! Because you know back in the day it was a treat to be out after the street lights came on. Something I hope my little guy gets to enjoy one day.

That brings back a lot of memories. Sounds like fun! 

Playing with my sweet boys and watching them really take to swimming this summer!


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