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I'm a newbie blogger (pushing two months now, but still full of questions), and I have found great help in joining this club and meeting some awesome women...that support one another. What has helped me the most, is the encouragement I receive when someone thinks enough to follow me on any (or all) platform - facebook, twitter, by email, linky follower, etc. Therefore, I try to go through the club and other places and follow those that request it. If you are like me, and you feel good and motivated, when you receive a little follow love, let's help each other out, and get to following.

My blogsite is Properhoney and the blog is here. It's a sweet spot where women are strengthened, empowered, and entertained, as I share tidbits of my life.


Twitter: @properhoney

Pinterest: (I just started this page, and really have no idea what I am doing)

Google +: New to google+, and don't know what my handle is other than properhoney??

Pick any or all and I WILL FOLLOW BACK. List your info in the Comment section below and follow others as they follow you. Let's start the New Year off with increase. (When you follow from Facebook, please follow from your personal page, b/c that is the only way the like will be counted. Leave a reply on the fb page with your info, so we will know who to follow in return).

Tons of Love & Happy New Year!


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Hi Amy,

I just followed your blog and enjoyed reading your recent post! You can find me at EducateWithToys


Hi Sharon i just followed your blog, pinterest hope you can follow my blog on friendsconnect!

Sharon Green said:


I just followed you on FB, Twitter and Pinterest.

Here's my info: blog -

Facebook -

Twitter -

Pinterest -

Google + -

Thanks so much!

Hi Amy! Just followed you on pinterest and on your blog, follow back!

Amy Fennell said:

I will follow back as well! Visit my blog at Life Is A Trip Worth Taking, and follow me on


Hi Natasha, I just followed you on twitter and on your blog-love it btw- ur baby is adorable!, check out my blog and follow back

Natasha Peter said:

Hi Sarah, I just followed you on both FB and Twitter...thanks!

Please follow me as well:

Blog -

FB -

Twitter -

Hi there,

I'm new to the blogging scene too. Hoping to get through all of your blogs and maybe you'd like to check out my site too! It's about Moms supporting other moms. Here's the info:

Site -

Facebook -

Twitter -

Hope to follow one another!! Thanks.

Hey Janet,

Thanks for posting. You will find some good blogs on this forum to follow. Love your blog...Tell another Mom (I like that!). I am now following you on twitter, facebook, and via email. I'm looking forward to reading more. Cheers!


Hello! I have also been blogging for about two months. Love the blog! Following you on Twitter.

Here's mine:

I wish you lots and lots of continued success!

Thanks for the love and follow! I have returned the same. I'm following via twitter and facebook. Much love and success.

xoxox - Carica

Hi Carica, your blog is really interesting! I will definitely be reading more soon. I have subscribed by email. My blog is thistlebear. I hope you like it. :)

Hi! I'm Shelby, a twenty-something stay-at-home momma to a sweet, sweet baby boy, Oliver. I blog at :: It's Always Sonny :: Come check us out and learn all about our family, our adventures, DIY's, recipes & read Oliver's journal!

Hey Carica, 
Love your blog! Would you like a new and unique design for it? :) If interested - check this out


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