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I'm a newbie blogger (pushing two months now, but still full of questions), and I have found great help in joining this club and meeting some awesome women...that support one another. What has helped me the most, is the encouragement I receive when someone thinks enough to follow me on any (or all) platform - facebook, twitter, by email, linky follower, etc. Therefore, I try to go through the club and other places and follow those that request it. If you are like me, and you feel good and motivated, when you receive a little follow love, let's help each other out, and get to following.

My blogsite is Properhoney and the blog is here. It's a sweet spot where women are strengthened, empowered, and entertained, as I share tidbits of my life.


Twitter: @properhoney

Pinterest: (I just started this page, and really have no idea what I am doing)

Google +: New to google+, and don't know what my handle is other than properhoney??

Pick any or all and I WILL FOLLOW BACK. List your info in the Comment section below and follow others as they follow you. Let's start the New Year off with increase. (When you follow from Facebook, please follow from your personal page, b/c that is the only way the like will be counted. Leave a reply on the fb page with your info, so we will know who to follow in return).

Tons of Love & Happy New Year!


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I just followed you on facebook.

I followed you back on both twitter and pinterest :-).

Hey Chantal, thanks for the follow and the compliment. I like your blog and I am "rooting" for you to have a successful Marriage Challenge!  I am now following you on Twitter and Pinterest. Thanks & Happy New Year!

Hi Sarah,

I followed all your links. I would love if you can follow me back -

Thanks so much!

Hey Sarah, I'm now following you on Pinterest & Twitter! Thanks & Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Hi Sarah!

I have just liked, and followed all of your pages:)

Mind returning the favor?


+Facebook Page




Thanks so much!

Hi Carica,

Welcome to the world of blogging! I like your site -- I'm a Philly girl, too! (Although I live in Rhode Island now.) I'm following you on Twitter and liked your FB page. Here's my blog and info below:





I'm happy to follow others, too!


Hi Sarah,

I followed/liked your links. Can you follow me back?







thanks! I'm following your blog now, glad I'm not the only struggling to let go of mommy guilt!

Hey Donna,

I've got your likes and follows covered for Eco-mothering. Thanks for showing love to Properhoney. Happy New Year!

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