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Hey Everyone!


I just joined MBC and am loving it so far! I would love to get more readers to my blog and get some input. My blog is called "and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson" at I would love for you all to check it out! 


Also, stay tuned for July because there are some exciting things in store! I partnered with a couple of people to give you a month full of giveaways!! So please stop by my blog and check it out. And leave your own blog address too so I can follow back :)



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Followed your blog and Liked you on Facebook :) 


my blog is I hope you like it!!

Thanks Megan and NewbyMom! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back, lot happening in life lately. I'll post a blog update. My blog and life has taken a turn. Instead of tales of a wife, I am now going to tell stories of a single mom. But don't worry one bit, everything will be okay, and better at that! :)

Oh my goodness I'm so sorry.... 


Kate, you are amazing!! You are such a strong woman and you are going to help so many other people with your stories and experiences. I wish you the best and can't wait to read your stories :) 

super cute blog!  I love it! :D  esp your blog name its my favorite!


here's mine if you're interested!


Hey Megan I like your blog..... I'm following you as well.


I have been looking at different blogs and trying to come up with some creative ideas for mine, right now its just simple and I feel like I'm so behind the curve compared to the rest of these blogs. I know I have some work to do but I will get there.


love the blog! i love the layout and the look as well!! 


i'm following you on twitter and signed up for you blog :)

my follower gadget wasn't working for a while but i think its working now if you are interested in being a follower!

i think it looks great! i'm excited to start reading!!


i'm a little unfamiliar with wordpress though in terms of how to follow. is there a link i can click to become a follower? or do i subscribe to the rss feed? let me know cause i would love to follow you back!


p.s. my follower gadget wasn't working for some time but it should be working now if you want to become an official follower. thanks!

Hey I was just wondering... I couldn't find your icon on the followers. My followers icon wasn't working for a while so I thought maybe that was why. Just checking. Thanks!

Hey my followers icon wasn't working for a while but it is working now if you still want to be a follower :) 

I checked out your blog again and found the follower gadget too! I guess blogger had it down for a while... anyways, would love to have you as a follower and I'm excited to catch up with your blog as well!

Oh also I just wanted you to know that my follower gadget wasn't working just in case you couldn't become a follower through Google Friend Connect. But it is working now if you would still like to be a follower! Thanks!

my follower gadget wasn't working for some time but if you would still like to follow [which i would love!] it should be working now!

Oh I just wanted you to know that my Google Friend Connect gadget wasn't working for a while but it is working now. I couldn't find your name so I didn't know if you were already a follower.. but I just wanted to let you know just in case it wasn't working for you. Thanks!



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