You couldn't pay me enough to go back and do middle and high school years again.  The angst, social pressure, feelings of inadequacy...the horror!!!  So, my daughter with special needs is 13 and the social gap has become large enough that she really doesn't "fit in" with the other girls.  That on top of the hierarchy of "cool" and "in"...she is left behind.  We have tried get togethers with some of her classmates on a very choosey basis, but it is quite clear that they are tolerating the time together and not really enjoying it enough to want to do it more than once or twice.  I do not want to push this, so I have been looking for friends through Special Olympics or other venues where the social gap is not so large...but what else is there?  I read a while ago that social outlets and friendships are what is lacking in adults with lives.  I don't want Miss A to be .  I want her to have true friends.  But sometimes even our typical kids struggle in this arena.  What do you guys think?

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